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Post by Tuv on Thu May 28, 2009 10:41 am

Emily gets to class, and sits at her seat. There is no assigned seating, so she can sit next to her boyfriend Adam. They pass notes and whispers, and glances, they both like each other, and class seems to speed by them. They live near one another, and walk home together each day. Adam lives further away than Emily, and when they are about to split up, they always get close to one another and whisper “See you soon”.

Adam is a nice guy, and many people like him. He is kind and strong, and has many friends, including Emily. After him and Emily part ways walking home from school, Adam meets up with another girl, her name is Samantha. Samantha has a hard life with a little brother and an abusive father, and Adam always listens to her, and tries to make her feel better as he walks with her to her home, which is only a couple houses from his.

Emily hears of Adam spending time with Samantha, although not what they do or talk about, only that “He walks her home every day”. But Emily is not worried, because her and Adam are in love, and will probably spend the rest of their lives together.

The days continue, with Adam and Emily flirting continuously, walking each other home, and making the promise every day, to walk home together and see each other soon. Samantha’s nights away from school only get harder as her father becomes more and more belligerent with her and her brother. One night, her father breaks her brother’s bike, and when she tries to stop him, gets beaten quite badly with a bag of oranges, so no bruises.

The next day, Samantha tells Adam this as they walk home, and being the nice guy that he is, Adam decides that he should seriously try helping Samantha. They begin spending more time together, trying to come up with a case against Samantha’s father for child services. This continues for several weeks, with Adam and Samantha spending increasingly more time with one another. Emily does not know what they are doing together, but isn’t worried, since Emily and Adam will be together forever.

One day, Adam does not walk with Emily, she immediately becomes worried, “Maybe something happened to him? I hope he isn’t hurt or anything. Maybe he got sick?” Emily, knowing where Adam lives, decides to try asking at his house. As she walks towards his house, she passes by Samantha’s house, and the garage door is up. Inside she sees Adam kneeling down with Samantha over a broken bicycle. “Ahem” Emily says, trying to get Adam’s attention. “Oh Emily, I’m glad you are here, could you hand me that screwdriver over there?” Adam points to a screwdriver on a nearby workbench, and gestures Emily over.

Emily walks over to the workbench “I wonder what he is doing here, why didn’t he walk me home? We always walk home together. We were supposed to be together forever.” She grasps the screwdriver firmly in her hand, her fear and uncertainty fade quickly. She strolls over to Adam and Samantha, and plunges the screwdriver deep into the base of Adam’s neck. “Together forever” she says coldly as Adam slumps over onto the bicycle. Samantha screams and run into the house, with Emily following close behind.

“Why are you running?” Emily says, the bloodied screwdriver clenched in her hands. Samantha runs through the house, finally deciding on one of the bedrooms to enter on the second floor. She slams the door open, and finds her brother and her father, her father has a belt, and her brother is covered in welts, she screams at her father for help just as the screwdriver hits her in the side of the neck. Blood sprays everywhere, coating Emily and the room, as Samantha’s father yells, and Samantha’s brother scurries to a corner.

The father gets the screwdriver in the chest, the wound bleeds and gurgles as he falls to the floor convulsing. Then Emily turns on the child, she gets close to him, drenched in blood with a malicious smile. He is crying, and she drops the screwdriver to the floor, kneels down, and embraces him. “I am sorry for scaring you” she says, hugging the boy firmly as she snaps his neck. She rises from the myriad of corpses, and looks out a window “What a pretty day it is” she says as she throws herself through the plate glass. Her face and shirt get all cut up, and as she falls she remembers all the good times she spent with Adam, then hits the ground, impaling herself on a garden gnome.
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