Tales of the Creator: Fall of Man

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Tales of the Creator: Fall of Man Empty Tales of the Creator: Fall of Man

Post by Arafor on Tue Jun 09, 2009 12:52 pm

“I remember when I was a child, the forests were green and the animals
roamed free and there was plenty to eat. I remember when the Lords
ruled and their was safety through the land. I even remember when
Calton became its own country but never did I ever think I’d live for
what was to come. When I was a young boy I remember one night while
moon harvesting I looked up to the stars and thought of their beauty.
Then I saw a shooting star and made a wish upon it. This star did no
disappear and kept heading towards the mountains. I watched with awe as
the red fire tail behind the star went blue mixed with green and I
remember the crack of the mountain as the star hit it. The earthquake
cracked the land and dried up whole rivers across the globe. I heard a
screech that sent shivers done my spin and made me cry even though I
wasn’t afraid. A shadow moved from the mountain and was there one
moment and then was gone. When I turned to go get my parents the thing
was there. It had a head like a demon with two twisting horns and had a
thorax and six insect-like legs. I fell back and screamed and my father
came out with his hay fork and tried to defend me against the creature
and was killed. I can remember the creature devouring my own father as
blood trickled down his mouth and his eyes glowed red with malice. I
remember accepting my death but then a light came in front of me and I
had to cover my eyes. I saw what looked like a tall human with armor
all over him and a strange symbol on his back. He used his sword and
shield with such skill and repelled the creature and he followed it
into the darkness. I could hear their fighting for miles and when I
couldn’t hear it all I could do was weep. That night when I wished upon
the star I wished I would live a long and healthy life. No more that
any other point in my life did I wish for swift death if I knew what
was to come. If I had known the pain and agony that would be caused I
would have taken my own life but I did not know and now all of humanity
suffers for it. Just as we had pushed the mythical creatures from their
land we are being pushed from our lands. I fear however we cannot live
much longer with all of the hope fading away after hero after hero
dies. ‘Berfi Raz!’ Is a phrase I heard from my father who fought in the
Calton wars and means ‘ For Freedom!’. This is a phrase not heard
anymore. This is the last time I tell of this story. I hope that the
Creator may return soon and save us like he has promised us so many
times before.”

“ Filthy dark mages always have to cause trouble
when there is peace. We fire and water mages cannot stop them for we
all small in number now just like they were. The paladins are useless
since Hhallenguard had fallen and we are totally and utterly alone. I
am one of the few masters left in my clan and I can no longer comfort
my students. We must act quickly and desively. Damn the Dark Sage and
his thralls and damn the Haven clan. May one day their families and
their magic be cursed.”~Master Ovieros

“Pity? This is a word not
know to me or to my legions of thrall. I will not stand by and watch
the filth of humanity be in Aglu’s way as he rains down from the
creator’s hell and returns after ten thousand years of floating in the
beyond. His malice knows no bounds and I will be on his right hand with
his kingdom ready for him and I will be the king of this new empire and
he will be the emperor. He will rule just as he was intended to do and
the Creator will not stay in his way nor will Para-fu for he has
perished. I will put an end to any resistance and spring forth this new
dynasty.” ~Second Dark Sage
Quick History: Current year 5442 A.M.(After Marga)
A.C. (After Creation)
The creation of the planet and the putting of the ancients on the
planet as well as the creation of the humans,
dwarves,nymphs,minotaur,dark elves,and Angleos.
1251-1252: The hunting of the Narth and successful slaying of the Narth.
1253-1268: Oglor is brought into being from the Narth piece that escaped death and creates the future masked mercenaries.
The humans successfully take over the Northern Continent and begin
assault on the southern continent and Oglor begins the slaughter of the
divine animals and Marga’s kingdom.
1287-1290: Minotaurs and the
last of the dark elves flee from human invasion and Marga fights Oglor
sending him into the depths of the sea and the masked mercenaries run
1291-1298: The creator orders Marga to destroy the Eastern
continents and the humans float away on their ships to the Western
1299-1300: The City-country of the Angleos known as
Huron after surviving the flood was made a worse punishment by being
frozen and sent beneath the depths and Marga put herself into exile out
of grief.
0-200: The enslavement of the Kappa and the forming of the first Western continent human kingdom.
201-4000: The continue expansion of the human kingdoms across daneton and the destruction of the mythical creatures.
4001-4400: The great extermination and the Great war with the first Dark Sage.
4400-4450: The establishment of Calton
4451-4497: The breaking away of Calton and Lord Treiflwheil becomes King of Calton
The leader of the Haven clan finds the staff of the First Dark Sage and
becomes the Second Dark sage and releases his army of thralls.
The fall of Daiston and Danetown and the fall of Hallenguard and the
Eastern mountains. The so called star lands at the end of 4526 and
signals the two year waiting period until the return of Aglu.

Mages: An ancient form of mage descended from Oglor himself and full of
secret and rituals no other mage type uses. Although not all dark mages
are evil they are stereotyped as being evil due to the fact of the Dark
Sage and the Second Dark Sage. These are low in numbers but are known
for power the most ultimate spell that can be learned by a Dark Mage
Master is Red lighting which has only been mastered by Master Das and
he only used it twice in his lifetime.

Thralls: There could be
no more of a horrible creature on this planet other than the thralls.
They are humans who are chained to the walls along the caves beneath
the Haven Clans halls and are forced to breath in magic. Some thralls
are hundreds of years old for the Second Dark Sage have been working on
his army for roughly two hundred years. Filled with malice and hate
they are relentless and many in number. Men, woman, and children all
conform to be thralls who look like degenerated and decaying humans
with old armor and weapons.

Paladins: Although they are
technically a type of mage they do not conform with mage magic or rules
and are seen as the peacekeepers of the lands across the globe. The are
very powerful and proud, the first king of Calton was a paladin.

three “Gems”: The three gems were the three places on Daneton that the
Second Dark Sage had to destroy to render Daneton helpless. These
places include Danetown(The new capital of Daneton), Daiston(Old
capital of Daneland), and Hallenguard(Capital city of the Paladins).
Hallenguard was the last one to fall and help out for three weeks under
heavy siege and fighting.

Dark Hunters: These are people who
hunt any evil dark being for the sake of humanity. They are a secret
organization and before the war broke out hunted dark being such as
Masked Mercenaries and dark spies.

The Executioner: This being
is the General of the Second Dark Sage’s army and his past is much
clouded. His species was one of the unnamed species and it is said that
another species invaded his species main capital and no one resisted.
He however was so furious that he struck and killed an enemy soldier.
To teach him a lesson they chained all of his fellow species up and
made him kill them all one by one. He killed his whole entire species
and was left alive to be tormented by his actions. The Narth found him
and gave him dark hope and he was made almost immortal. His armor and
his weaponry are made of Hell Iron and are almost impregnable. He has
only been “hurt” once in his life and that was when Master Das hit him
with Red Lighting and this barely stunned him.

Narth: The first
dark being ever brought into existence by the anger of the Creator. The
Narth is legitimately the Creator’s hate and was slain by Marga and a
piece of him escaped. The narth was the first one to commit “murder”
and the one who tainted the first beings.

Oglor: He was a
merchant traveling to the southern continent and the piece of the Narth
that escaped came upon him and seeped into his skin. He returned to the
form of a baby and was brought back to the northern Continent and as
when he was a teenager joined the army under king Leic. During assaults
on the Southern Continent the darkness that hid inside him came out and
he blacked out. He woke up in armor that covered him head to toe and he
could not take it off. He had a mighty helmet and sword and breastplate
that no weapon could penetrate. He was still good on the inside but the
Narth took control of his actions and forced him to do horrible things
to humanity like creating the masked mercenaries and the slaughter of
Marga’s Kingdom. Eventually he lost his conscience and the Narth no
longer had to control him to do his bidding and he did it willingly out
of hate for himself. He was cast into the depths of the sea with a
battle with Marga but it responsible for the death of one of the
ancients “Carech-Amun”.

Aglu: Aglu is the spawn of Oglor and
the Nymph Queen who Oglor raped and she had this child. Aglu has four
forms which include his air form which resembles a demonic dragon. His
land form which resembles that of a devil’s head and demonic body. His
sea form is like that of a giant squid with many eyes and spiked
tentacles and his spirit form resembles the Narth in the sense of a
cloud of darkness. Marga could not stand up to him and fled and hid and
the Angleos King Kelthu-Zaid tried to fight the beast and lost his
wings and hands and committed suicide. The last Dark elves who did not
leave for the Western continent lead by Para-Fu stood up against Aglu
and his whole army was slain except for Para-Fu. Using old elf magic
and his skill with the sword he fought Aglu greatly but then Aglu went
into his air form and brought him to the edge of the planet and there
Para-Fu used the last of his magic and skill and sent Aglu into the
abyss where he would surely die. However before he left the planet he
took one last breath and floated out into the abyss.

The whole mass of the Eastern Continent and main body of land. Formerly
the home of many lords and kings it is now an area fraught with fights
to the death and darkness.

The Five Birthed Races: Human, Dark Elves, Minotaur, Nymph, and Angleos. These five races were all birthed from Marga.

Marga was the second created living and thinking being and made by the
Creator himself. Before she birthed the races into existence she
traveled across the lands and by accident created the two unnamed
races. The creator named Marga the “Guardian of the Earth” and is the
most loyal of all the beings to the Creator. She can transform into the
shape of any animal or element such as becoming part of the water or
beomcing a piece of the Earth. She has been also called the “ Head of
the Ancients”.

The Ancients: The ancients include Marga,
Kelthu-Zaid the Angleos, Carech-Amun the Dark Elf, and Xwyurn the
Nymph. They are responsible for finding and destroying the Narth.
Carech-Amun was killed by Oglor at the “Battle of the Ancients” and
there the remaining ancients ran and hid until Marga mustered the
strength to defeat him. Kelthu-Zaid later committed suicide after
terrible injuries and Xwyurn died of old Age. Marga disappeared after
the destruction.

The Destruction: The Creator was so angry with
the Earth and the destruction he saw on the Western continents that he
had Marga destroy them. Huron was the last to fall but fell the
mightiest by being frozen.

Current Times: After the initial
falling of the Star the two creatures that rose out of the crash had
not been seen since then. The Second Dark Sage has almost complete and
total control of Daneton. After the fall of the “three gems” there has
been little resistance in the Northern half of Daneton although in the
South there are armies roaming around under the Lord Hilein and Count
Maranon. In the East the only resistance offered is in the Eastern
Mountains by the “Klinger Rangers” lead under one of the former
Generals of one of the prominent lords in the area. Calton is the
strongest resistance to the dark whim of the Dark sage. From the time
of its freedom its army has grown and organized from a bunch of rebels
into an elite fighting force under King Ferenbor. The Cail Islands are
of little resistance although the Natives offer some resistance and
Normeland is resilient to declare war of the Dark Sage and is cautious
to mobilize soldiers against the army of thralls. In the far south in
the Icelands thanks to Master Das the dwarves from the mountains are
preparing their armies to counter against any threat against their
hidden kingdom.

More lore would be added and I will put more plot and character sheets up later.
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