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OOC: Tuv V Chaoswizkid (The Secluded Forest Ruins) Empty OOC: Tuv V Chaoswizkid (The Secluded Forest Ruins)

Post by Tuv on Mon Jun 22, 2009 3:33 pm

Rules for this Match:

Keep it Medieval Fantasy, so no guns or gunpowder, complex machines, etc.
No Minions, this is a one-on-one.

The Battlefield:

A square mile of land in a Temperate Deciduous Forest, at the center of which is the ruins of a small 20' x 20' stone building. The base of the building is made of layed stone, and quit obviously shows the original size of the structure, but only bits of wall and rubble remain. The ruins has been out there for a long time, and show much wear from the weather, little bits of moss growing in patches where there is space.

The square mile has been encased in impenetrable walls of force for the duration of the battle, so as to prevent collateral damage to the surrounding areas. All animals have also been removed from the area for the duration of the battle.
Character sheets, and OOC discussion of this battle should be put here. Non-Combatants can post here as well, but not in the RP thread.

The Post-Timer begins after both characters have been finished and posted, and been approved, and the first post is made.
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OOC: Tuv V Chaoswizkid (The Secluded Forest Ruins) Empty Re: OOC: Tuv V Chaoswizkid (The Secluded Forest Ruins)

Post by Chaoswizkid on Tue Jun 23, 2009 2:04 am

Name: Xellious Maximi

Description: Xellious is a man with a surprisingly broad frame, though he is lean in musculature. Few remember his facial features, for the hood of his white cloak covers nearly his entire face, obscuring his brown hair and brown eyes. The cloak is simple in nature, all white in color save for an emblem of a Celtic cross over a upward-opening-crescent-moon-shaped wreath on his chest. He carries with him what seems to be a metallic walking stick with an oddly-shaped curved blade near the top.

List of Equipment:
Scythe of Mechanations. A Death God artifact recovered by Xellious in his earlier adventuring days, the Scythe of Mechanations looks more like a six foot tall steel staff with the blade of a pickaxe at the end. The Scythe inherently gives Xellious deep mechanical knowledge and insight to engineering, though he hardly ever takes advantage of that ability past using the Scythe itself. The scythe has an intricate set of wheels, springs, and cogs inside of it that house a long length of chain. By being able to apply pressure to certain areas of the scythe (the locations of which are revealed with the knowledge given from the scythe), the wielder is able to "fire" the scythe head from its staff body. By applying a pressure to a different set of areas, the chain may retract back inside the metallic staff. Because it was forged by a Death God, the Scythe of Mechanations is indestructible and will never jam, although the chain could be obstructed from being pulled back in. However, by repeating the process of retracting the chain, it can break almost any obstruction. It also has a third set of pressure-areas, which force the chains to erect in a straight line out from the scythe. Because the entire Scythe of Mechanations is made of a complex alloy of materials and crafted by a Death God with its magic, the entire weapon feels almost weightless in the hands of the wielder, though in actuality it is quite heavy.

Cloak of the Rising Crescent Cross. The Cloak of the Rising Crescent Cross is Xellious's personal call sign of the Guild of the Wreathed Cross. It is enchanted to repair itself using the wearer's mana, and can be imbued with certain resistance also at the use of the wearer's mana, as per all Wreathed Cross Guild cloaks.

Brown Leather-Cloth Outfit. Underneath his robes, Xellious wears cloth clothes with leather patches sewn into broad areas, such as his torso, chest, shoulders, upper arms, legs, and his back. In addition to this, he wears leather shoes and a leather glove on his right hand.


The Scythe.
An attack from the Scythe can either be melee or ranged.

The scythe head can be extended up to its maximum distance, which is 18'. The distances of extension will be determined by the content of the role playing. Extension will stop as soon as the wielder stops applying pressure or when it is fully extended.

Once extended, the staff body can be manipulated in order for the scythe head to move towards a target while its being retracted.

The third set of pressure points causes the chains to erect themselves in a straight line from the end of the scythe, creating what looks like a large chain lance or pike.

The Robes.
Xellious may spend one turn of preparation channeling mana into certain spots of his robe to activate certain powers of the robe. Each power will require one turn of preparation each, unless otherwise stated, to a maximum of three at any given time. The effects last as long as Xellious is able to keep them in effect at the cost of exhaustion relative to the number of effects the robes have active. One active effect can last up to eight hours before complete exhaustion, while three can usually only last at most an hours before complete exhaustion.

The effects are: Fire-Resistant, Acid-Resistant, Heat-generating, Cold-generating (Or Heat-Repelling), Water-Proof, Air-trapping.
In addition to these, an effect that requires a minimum of one turn of preparation but may cost more is Repair (Up to five turns, depending on disrepair of the cloak. Many slight tears up require only one, while almost complete destruction will require five.).

The Magic.

As a member of the Guild of the Wreathed Cross, Xellious is required to be a cleric. He has access to healing magic, which restores the body to its natural state.

A turn of preparation must be used to minorly heal injuries or wounds in a given area (lower arm, upper arm, wrist, left/right torso, stomach, etc.). A group of deep cuts will require two turns of preparation, though it may be three depending on the number and increased severity of them. Four turns will be required to reattach freshly amputated limbs/body parts. Fresh, in this case, means no more than 5 minutes.

The spell of healing Xellious uses is Calestera Orderum (Cahl-Es-Terra Or-dare-um).

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OOC: Tuv V Chaoswizkid (The Secluded Forest Ruins) Empty Re: OOC: Tuv V Chaoswizkid (The Secluded Forest Ruins)

Post by Tuv on Tue Jun 23, 2009 2:10 am

Name: Gerrard Capashen


Class: Planeswalker

OOC: Tuv V Chaoswizkid (The Secluded Forest Ruins) Gerrard

Gerrard's body is mostly unarmored, with only his shoulders, lower legs, and arms protected by carefully articulated steel plates. He wears brown cloth pants, and two bright red sashes, edged in white silk, splayed across the front of his chest in a large X. The sashes are held in place by a simple leather belt, with a spiked shield for the buckle.

His weapon, newly crafted after he gained the Planeswalker Spark, is a rapier formed from the flowstone that was scattered across Dominaria after the Rathi Overlay.

Being made of flowstone, the weapon is easily manipulated by those who can shape mana, and so can take nearly any form. He prefers the rapier, as it showcases his natural agility and skill at swordsplay, and because of it's relatively diminutive size, it cannot form many larger weapons, as the flowstone that it is shaped from cannot increase it's mass.


Fire Magic:

Lightning Bolt- Gerrard's favorite fire spell, if only because it suits his personality. It takes a turn to charge, causing Gerrard's body to crackle with electricity, any sudden contact with a living creature during the charge, discharges the electricity painfully but harmlessly. When the bolt is unleashed, it follows an erratic and hard to control path, and is just as likely to hit a nearby object as a foe.

Ignite- This spell sets an inanimate object on fire. The flames spring out in every direction, completely consuming the object. This normally takes a turn to prepare, but due to the nature of it's composition, this can be cast instantly on Gerrard's weapon, and controlled so that it does not burn him.

Water Magic:

Freeze- This incantation is simple enough, and can be used to instantly freeze standing water. Larger bodies of water take longer to freeze, and Gerrard must be in contact with the water/ice to freeze it. Freezing standing water requires no concentration at all, aside from being in contact with it. Moving water, such as a stream, or rain, requires full concentration to freeze, and in the case of rain, the rain flash-freezes into hail in an area around him, that increases the longer he concentrates.

Swordfighting: Gerrard is a skilled swashbuckler, able to use his weapon in both offense and defense with little adjustment. He is spry and nimble, and uses that to his advantage, dodging out of the way, or parrying blows.

Gerrard can shift dimensions instantly, and at will. Normally he can extend this effect to one other being in contact with him, but the resonance caused by the containing shields in arena fights, causes this dimensional jumping to affect the entire arena, transporting all living beings along with him.

Matter Manipulation: With enough time, Gerrard can bend the world itself, changing something that he concentrates on for a long time. This does not work on anything living, with the exception of wood, and himself.

This power can also be used to slightly process a raw material, and turn it into whatever may be necessary at the time. Turning sand into a glass maze is an example of this "processing" and the raising of the maze itself would take around five turns, depending on the dimensions of it, and thickness of the walls.

This cannot create something that was not already there, one cannot turn rocks into water, but given water and dirt or sand, it is trivial to create a waist-deep plot of quicksand. (1-turn).

Gerrard must remain completely focused on the task of shaping the substance, and must remain in contact with the raw materials as it is being made. If it could not normally hold together in it's natural state, concentration must be kept on it, or it falls apart.

By Extension, Gerrard uses this ability to change the form of his Flowstone weapon, but the easily changed nature of the weapon, means it always takes only a single turn to fully change, and requires no concentration on Gerrard's part.
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