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Post by Zan105 on Mon Jul 13, 2009 12:24 pm

Although there is no one Rping
in this district currently I will make some small Resistance activity.


Resistance: As Gregory Richards looked out a tiny window on the top floor of a
small residential home he noticed that people had begun to wake up and head out
in the early hours of the morning. He turned to his side and looked at four of
his high ranking men and said, "There's a cargo shipment coming in for the
Sheshun in the South District... We need to capture most of this cargo shipment
or they will have more weapons than we can handle..." The men nodded their
heads in agreement. "We will send out a small convoy of fifteen men to do
what they cant... Our numbers seem to be to small to send more so equip them
with our only two LV-33's and some FV-22's."

"Sir that would nearly deplete
most of our weapon stores here..." one of the generals said in defiance.

"Yes but we need this shipment! And if we succeed we
will have even more weapons." They all nodded and finally got up to leave.
Within the hour two small cars pulled out and headed for the docks.

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