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-Originally posted by GrayWatch; the image goes off the post, so the link to the image is provided below.

European Nations

United Western Isles- This is the newest faction
and consists of 4 countries with a long history of killing each other over
faith, freedom, taxes, and boredom. While its’ Naval prowess is matched only by
the fleets of the Iberian it has a relatively low population present in Europe. Hasan extremely large “empire” spread out across
the globe, but it consists mostly of disconnected islands across the globe, and
a few hotly contested fiefdoms in Arcadia.
The islands are useful for food and funds, and the Arcadian fiefdoms seem to be
holding their own, but the UWI is desperately out-numbered.

Gaul Empire- A vast empire controlling
much of mid-Europe. Previously only matched in land warfare from the Empire of
the Broken Throne, it now finds its’ new position of being completely
surrounded by foes quite unpleasant. Undoubtedly the most technologically
advanced militarily speaking and with the largest single standing army, it is beginning
to flag under the unrelenting attacks from all sides.

Iberia- An ancient nation, it alone can claim that
it remembers the hey-day of the Carthaginian Empire. Unfortunately with the
fall and decline of the Carthaginian so too did Iberia stagger, though it’s more
defensible position saw that it recovered, albeit slowly, and diminished even
now. Iberia has a magnificent fleet of war-ships and with them dominance over
the Mediterranean, however they are not properly constructed for the fierce
storms found on open seas such as the Atlantic, and this lack has seen to it
that the UWI’s fleet remains in control of the Atlantic, even if they dare not
enter the Mediterranean…yet.

Broken Throne States- Over a Thousand years ago there were the
Carthaginians. They were mighty. They were powerful. They were unstoppable. And
they grew. But they grew too large, too greedy, and their own weight and greed
destroyed them. Large fragments fell apart and were subsumed. Fortunately the
Eastern Half was able to delay it’s fall, and rather than trying to live out
it’s time, it instead forcibly re-forged the western half into a single empire,
though with little resemblance to the splendor from which it descended. This is
the Broken Throne. Knowing its heritage and its rightful owner-ship of all of
Europe and the Mediterranean this nation sees
the latest troubles as the perfect opportunity to reclaim what is rightfully

Alexandria- Forged in fire and war, the sons of the
greatest conqueror to ever live have at last re-built his empire. After the
inevitable fall of the usurper kings of Carthage
they returned, and the Empire of the Great Alexander is once more whole, and
greater than ever. With a grim eye towards its neighbors the Empire seeks to
bring Alexander’s dream& nightmare to fruition. To fight and conquer, until
there is no-one left to fight.

Andal- In the past they have been raiders and
demons, and that heritage is no tone easily forgotten. The mask of civilization
finally slipping the Andalese once again raid south, for money and supplies,
for land, and resources. The Andalese have mostly autonomous military units
which are more highly trained than any other in the world. On the bright side this
means they can be dispatched behind enemy lines with no access or support and
still act in a way any other commander would trade their right arm for. On the
downside there are whispers that if approached right, and for the right price
certain units might take jobs from people other than Andal High Command.

Non-European Nations

Mongolia- A tremendous and ancient empire, it has
“regional districts” the size of Europe as a
whole. Theoretically inferior to the European Armies due to poor equipment and
training and certainly with no steam-driven forces, nonetheless many a general
would be hesitant to pick a fight with a force that out-numbers them nearly a
million to one. Given it’s historically expansionist tendencies it would almost
surely have attempted to take Europe as it’s
own by now, were it not for the constant internal strife that wracks it.

India- A large land technically under claim by
the UWI. The UWI has long since given up hope of controlling it and remains
content with just siphoning off a light tax on the spice trade it engages in
with the Mongol Empire.

Zimbabwe- Xenophobic and isolationist, this nation
has little contact with the other nations, what little contact has been made
seems to imply that this nation rules the entirety of Africa south of the Sahara. However a few expeditions to the southern cape
seems to paint a different story. Regardless expeditions and trade are limited
at the request of the Zimbabwe.
Some explorers suggest that the Zimbabwe
are engaged in a large conquest of Africa, and
have limited contact with outsiders so that they remain uninterrupted.

Arcadia- North America.
Technically South America too, but due to the dense jungle much of it is not
colonized, and those few colonies there have very little contact with their
patron nations, being lucky to receive a ship once every 20 years. Arcadia is colonized and split up between all existing nations
save Zimbabwe.
So it’s more like a patchwork of warring city-states, with a complex,
ever-shifting net of loyalties and alliances, most of whom only pay lip-service
to their patron nation, and merrily skip out on taxes, claiming that the money
is needed for “the expansion effort in the name of [x]” or “putting down the
rebels against his and/or her majesty, based in [y]”. Busy as they are the
assorted nations have not had time to go put the fear of god into their
fractious children. Almost all of Arcadia
can be considered 20 years behind Europe Technologically.

Penal Colony #072- A tremendously large island in the
southeast, due to its largely arid interior it was deemed a dumping group of
human scum. Unfortunately they eventually dumped human scum who knew how to
properly build ships on this island. By now the island is calling itself an
independent nation and has a presence on several nearby smaller islands. Most
of the “real” countries laugh at this notion.

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