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Post by GrayWatch on Wed Aug 05, 2009 8:02 pm

Obviously this is where any house rules will be going. This will be added to during play as I feel necessary. For all players involved in any conflict when a relevant house rule is added, it does not take effect until the scene or conflict ends.

So far only one:

Situational Stunt Dice:

It occurs to me, that if you scale a collapsing building to engage in a magical swordfight with an unholy champion of death the vanilla system gives you stunt die for it. Once.

And yet, an action later, you are STILL magical sword fighting on top of a collapsing building.
Without stunt dice.

This seems off to me. In the case of any stunt which has long term effects of increasing the ambient levels of awesome every action thereafter receives a baseline +1 die to actions, with the ability for it to rise to +2 in the case that you somehow wangle a long-term effect that would normally merit a lvl3 stunt (but no other effects of a stunt roll). Normal stunts can be added on top of this.

However the thing about stunt die is that they involve you doing something, even if it's just maintaining an awesome scenario, as such there will be a relevant roll for every action of the situational stunt to maintain it. Failure ends the bonus and ejects the character out of the awesome situation. This roll is made at the beginning of the players turn before any other rolls, though it may be aided with the use of reflexive charms.

In the case of magical sword-fighting on a collapsing building the thing that is unusual(for exalts) is that it is on a collapsing building. So a Dex+Ath to keep your footing, failure would cause you to fall with the collapsing rubble.

Questions, comments, concerns?

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