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Post by Orc on Sat May 09, 2009 10:53 am

-Originally posted by The_Albatross-
DISCLAIMER: If you are easily offended, this RP
is not for you. There is a lot of offensive and graphic stuff in this RP.
Everyone one from conservatives, liberals, Catholics, communists, capitalists,
Muslims, and much more could be offended. The views and beliefs expressed by
certain characters in this RP are not the views of Gamer or myself, but are
instead the views and beliefs of the character. So please, if you are easily
offended, do not join this RP. Instead, click the following link and you will
be sent to more friendly, appropriate website

"Confusion will be my epitaph,
As I crawl a cracked and broken path
If we make it we can all sit back and laugh
But I fear tomorrow Ill be crying,
Yes I fear tomorrow Ill be crying"
-Epitaph, by King Crimson

It is the year 2050. Much has changed, yet much is still the same.

has managed to stand strong throughout the 21st century. But suddenly, things
have begun to fall apart. An economic depression is on the horizon, one large
enough to doom the country for centuries to come. Politicians and party
figureheads have tried to downplay the severity of the depression, and have
even denied that it is coming, but the signs are there. Americans are worried,
but the worst has yet to come.

In world affairs, darkness also looms ahead. By 2020, the U.S. left Iraq, leaving it in a somewhat
peaceful state of democracy. By 2030, the democracy had fallen, and a dictator
had come into power. The U.S.
ignored the problem for many years, preferring to deny that Iraq's leader,
Amir-Akbar Hazan was even a dictator. Several months ago, Iran invaded Iraq, taking complete control of
the country. Iran has now
started to invade other Middle Eastern countries, vowing to take them over and
bring the entire Middle East under their
control. Various other Middle Eastern countries have begun fighting with each
other, and the area has basically fallen into total chaos. The U.S. has started to consider its options against
Iran, and it seems that war
may be imminent, but no action has been taken by the U.S. as of yet.

Elsewhere, Russia
has once again risen to power. Russia
has taken advantage of the conflict in the Middle East, and is now using South Ossetia as a spring board to take over Eastern
European countries.

As for Europe, things are starting to get very
interesting. Throughout the 21st century, tons of Muslim families moved into Europe, having many children as Muslim families
traditionally do. The Europeans haven’t been reproducing themselves, and the
very culture face of Europe has been redone.
The number 1 baby name in Europe is Muhammad,
and other statistics certainly reflect this. Somewhere around 50% of Europeans
are now Muslim. As one Islamic preacher put it "We have won Europe through the cradle".

In other areas of the world, things have gotten worse. Cuba and Venezuela
have joined forces and are taking over countries in South
America. China
and North Korea
are in a nuclear standoff. The world, in general, is looking bleak.

In the States, crime has steadily risen from the early 21st century to the late
2040's. However, a shred of hope emerged from the darkness. In the summer of
2048, a masked vigilante known only as The Enforcer began cracking down on
crime in the city of Philadelphia.
Over the past two years, he has cleaned up the streets of Philadelphia, and in the process become a
national symbol of justice. The Enforcer seems to be a very humble man. He does
his work, never basking in the glory that his profession brings. He has stopped
mass murders, rapists, drug dealer and much more. Now, his actions have
inspired more average citizens to take up arms against crime. More and more
masked vigilantes have begun to emerge, and several major cities have one. New York City has an
estimated 8-10 of them. Though many city officials and politicians are
disturbed by this, the law has let the vigilantes exist, as they have inspired
and somewhat united the American citizens.

own people have gone sour. Fed by a mix of greed and need, the Drug Trade in America has
increased exponentially. All attempts to destroy the current Drug rings have
met with failure. The American government is at a crossroads at this point.
There is talk in Capital Hill of passing a new act, the "Aggressive
Response" Act, which would allow military units to be used in anti-Drug
operations throughout the fifty states, essentially starting a pseudo civil

Drugs aren't the only problem. Murder, rape, kidnapping; all crimes have
increased in their frequency. Serial killers are a norm in some of the more
rural areas, and prostitution, while illegal, has become the only chance for
many young American women. The money gained from these activities, however, all
find their way siphoned back into a Drug Lord's pocket, making the Crime
economy more solid then the Government's. Though the outlook is bleak, the
masked vigilantes have managed to keep much of America’s populace hopeful.

Illegal immigration has hit a spike. In 2025, an act was passed that allowed a
massive border wall, complete with cameras, armed guards, and checkpoints, to
be built along the Mexican border. Upon its completion in 2030, Illegal
immigrants have been cracked down upon. Those that try to come over through the
wall are often shot down like animals, while the ones already inside the
country are hunted down like Terrorists. And some have resorted to Terrorism,
with Illegal fueled suicide bombings becoming a regular occurrence in some
Southern states.

On the bright side, technology has expanded. Robots have become a more common
occurrence, and some wealthy Americans can afford to have them in their homes.
Space travel has become simple, and trips to the moon can now be made by upper
class citizens. NASA hopes to make trips to the moon affordable to every
American by 2100. Cars have become more efficient as well. Electric-powered
cars have become very common, with wealthy Americans being able to afford them
easily. However, middle class Americans still cannot afford them, so the
country’s dependence on oil is still there. Flying cars are in the works, but
will not be ready for another ten years or so. Jetpacks have become available,
but are seldom found outside of the U.S. military. Lazer-weapons been
made as well, but are a rather new invention, and are also a rarity. (These are
only a few examples of advancements, Gamer and I will probably add more as the
RP goes on)

Epitaph is an FRP where you, yes you, get to create and RP as your own masked
vigilante living in New York City.
Early in the RP, The Enforcer arrives in New York City
(chasing a drug bust), and eventually uncovers a plot to destroy New York City and bring
American to its knees. Over time, the masked vigilantes end up getting tied
into the plot in various ways. If you want to be a vigilante from a city other
than New York, that’s fine, but you have to for
whatever reason end up in New York
early on in the RP.

Much of Epitaph’s content has been inspired by the graphic novel Watchmen. Our
goal is to make the RP a reflection of society today, and make the
readers/RPers think about various things in a different way. This is a really
deep FRP. Gamer and I have come up with all kinds of symbolism, metaphors, and
deep crap like that. There’s a lot to it, and I kind of hate characterizing it
like this before it actually happens, but trust me – Gamer and I have been
preparing this for a while, and it’s going to be epic. It’s difficult to
explain it all without you seeing it, so you’ll have to wait to see how it all
plays out.

Anyway, here’s the sign up sheet. You guys get to play a masked vigilante, as I
mentioned earlier. You have total freedom with your character, but I ask one
thing of you – Make your character a very strange, messed up person. All of
these vigilantes are supposed to be nutcases and in some cases downright crazy.
Because let’s be honest – to go out at night and fight crime at night, you have
to be off your rocker. For example, one of my characters is a crazy right-wing
conservative asshole. Gamer’s character, on the other hand, is a cold, liberal
assassin. So please, make these characters messed up in some way. It can be
physical, emotional, psychological, whatever your heart desires! And please
don’t ask to be the one “normal” vigilante – I have that covered. ALSO, NO

Oh, and one more thing. NO SUPER POWERS. We’re
looking for Batman-esque guys that use their physical strength and technology,
not Superman clones. With that said, here’s the sign up sheet, and a few
example sign up sheets.

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Post by Orc on Sat May 09, 2009 10:54 am

-Originally posted by The_Albatross-
Vigilante name: The Enforcer

Real name: James Maloney

Age: 25

Appearance as vigilante: As the Enforcer, James wears jeans and a black bullet
proof shirt with a black trench coat over it. To conceal his identity, he wears
a black cloth ski mask with no mouth hole.

Appearance as normal person: Short blonde hair, blue eyes, about 6’1.
Weapons/gadgets: Grappling hook, two stun guns, smoke grenades, motorcycle,
tracking device, trackers,

Personality: James is a firm believer in justice above all else. His goal is to
correct humanity’s lawlessness, and restore the trust that people once had for
each other. James will do all that is needed to bring about justice to the
letter of the law, but he does have one rule: He does not kill. Under no
circumstances will James kill anyone. Otherwise, James is a really down to
earth, normal person. He doesn’t submit himself to any radical political
beliefs, nor does he have any mental issues. He is very social and friendly
person, when not masquerading as The Enforcer. He is also a Catholic, and takes
his faith seriously.

History: Ever since he was a boy, James took the ideas of law and justice
seriously. At age eight, he had his bike stolen by some local kids, and at age
16 he had his first car stolen. Those memories stuck with him for many years,
and reminded of how fatherless society can be. At age 22, James was fresh out
of college, living in Philadelphia
with his band, The Flaming Albatross. One night, after a gig at a local bar,
the members of James’ band were shot and killed. They were murdered by The
Jackal – a Philadelphia
drug dealer and crime boss, and his goons. The Jackal was at the bar that
night, saw the show, and wanted the money the band had collected from playing
there. The Jackal then set the bar on fire, and had his men throw James to the
ground. James was left alive, but part of him wished he had gone down with his
band mates.

It was then that a strange figure emerged from the darkness. He was a tall
black man, dressed in a tan trench coat and a fedora, and he called himself
“The Informer”. The Informer convinced James to become a masked vigilante. He
then gave James two stun guns, and a black ski mask to conceal his identity.
James then headed off into the night, brought down one of The Jackal’s drug
lords and left him for police. James then fled the scene, and leaped into the Delaware River, for fear that the cops could arrest him
as well. An hour later, James emerged from the river. Completely exhausted, he
collapsed on the ground. He was then found by The Informer, who took him back
to his home to recover.

When James awoke the following morning, he found himself a beautiful home, in a
well off district of Philadelphia. It turned out that The Informer was actually
Andrew Rhodes – the mayor of Philadelphia.
Rhodes needed someone to help the police crack down on crime in Philadelphia, and he felt
that James was the perfect person for the job. James agreed to take on the job,
and took on the name “The Enforcer”. He got the name from a newspaper article
that had been written on what had happened the night before, in which the
journalist had referred to him as “The Enforcer.”

Since then, James and Rhodes have had a symbiotic relationship. Rhodes passes James any information that the police had
uncovered about drug rings, drug warehouses, and the like. At night, James
would take on the persona of The Enforcer and take them out. James would also
patrol the city, keeping rapists, murderers, and thieves off the streets. Rhodes has also passed several laws to keep The
Enforcer’s work legal.

Other information: Among the masked vigilantes, The Enforcer is the only one
who is somewhat normal. He was also the first, and his actions have inspired
many other ordinary citizens to take become masked vigilantes. James is a
talented bass player, and loves all types of music, but especially rock/metal.

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Post by Orc on Sat May 09, 2009 10:57 am

-Originally posted by The_Albatross-
Vigilante name: Apostle

Real name: Anthony Grey

Appearance as vigilante: Red priest robe with a gold sash tied around it. To
conceal his identity, he wears a red hood with a gold cloth tied around his

Appearance as a normal person: Stands at about 5'11. Has short black hair and
brown eyes. His body is covered in numerous scars and wounds, most of which he received
as a child.

Weapons/Gadgets: Several hand guns and combat knives taken from the bodies of
criminals he's killed. Apostle doesn’t really have any fancy gadgets, he doesn’t
have enough money to afford them, nor does he have any connections to people
who could get him that type of stuff. Most of the time, he has to get his
ammunition and stuff from the criminals he brings down, which has worked out
for him thus far. However, he is currently working on a few chemicals and
devices to help him in his crusade. These chemicals/devices are mostly made
from spare parts and house hold items.

Personality: For the most part, Anthony hates people. He thinks that humanity
is sad, and that it needs to be corrected. However, he does believe that there
and good people in the world, they are why he is a masked vigilante. He
believes that by fighting crime, he is fixing at least one of human kind's
problems. Anthony is a loner, anti-social, and very quiet. He rarely talks to
anyone, but can frequently be heard talking to himself. Anthony is a catholic
and conservative to a fault. He has takes his faith extremely seriously, and
believes the bible literally, word for word. Though he is Catholic, Anthony
sees all forms of Christianity as acceptable.

Anthony does not believe in global warming or evolution. He thinks that both
are lies made up by the scientific community. He thinks that they made up
evolution to undermine Christianity, and that global warming was made up to
cause false hysteria. He hates liberals, and thinks that "Liberal is just
a cover up word for communism."

Among other things, Anthony is pro-life, anti-Muslim, anti-affirmative action,
anti-communist, anti-socialist, anti-democrat, anti-gay, ant-lesbian, and anti-transsexual.
There's a lot to list, really, but that's the basic jist of it. He sees the
world in fairly black and white terms, to him, people are either good or evil,
with almost no middle ground. He has lots of other crazy beliefs, which will be
mentioned during the course of the FRP. For example, he thinks that all
homosexuals should be sent to an island and systematically killed off. He
blames homosexuals for the AIDS virus, and sees the disease as a way to kill
off the gays and the sexually promiscuous.

Unlike The Enforcer, Anthony DOES kill criminals, and does so frequently. He
believes that the quicker they are sent to hell, the better. However,
Apostle/Anthony would NEVER kill an innocent person.

On a side note, he frequently shouts bible verses while fighting with

History: Anthony never really knew his parents. His mother got pregnant as a
result of a one night stand, and nearly had him aborted. However, she couldn’t
get together enough money for one. So instead, she gave birth to Anthony and
tossed him into a dumpster near her house, hoping he would die. It was late
January, so Anthony's mother figured that the cold would surely be the death of
the young child. The next morning, she went back to the dumpster. Upon
discovering that the Anthony was still alive, she came up with a better idea.

She took Anthony back into her house, and got on the internet. She then sold
Anthony to the first pedophile she could find. Relieved, she then drove Anthony
to the pervert's house and the infant on his doorstep.

Over the next sixteen years, Anthony was raped and sexually assaulted daily.
The pedophile was an old man in his late 80's. He kept Anthony chained to a
pole in his basement, where he would molest him every night. Occasionally, the
sick bastard would invite entire groups of friends to join in. On top of this,
Anthony was rarely fed, and never let out of the basement. As one would assume,
Anthony was driven near insane by this. He hadn’t seen the sun since he was a
mere infant, and as Anthony got older, he began to wonder about the world
around him. He had never known anything other than the hell that he was forced
to endure, but was certain that there was more to life. Anthony considered
committing suicide on several occasions, but never went through with it,
telling himself that "There must be a deeper purpose to my life than this.
. . “One of these occasions would change Anthony's life forever. . . At one
point, Anthony was about to bash his head into the pole to which he was
chained, but stopped. It was then that he knew what he must do. He decided that
he would bide his time, and when the opportunity presented itself, he would
kill his captor and break free.

When Anthony turned sixteen, he noticed that his body was getting significantly
stronger and more powerful. Though the old man's sick mind enjoyed this,
Anthony knew that he was powerful enough to take down the old man when the opportunity
he had long desired finally presented itself. And so, he waited a bit longer,
until the creep made his final mistake . . .

One night, the perverted decided to spice things up, and handcuffed Anthony to
an old, rotting wooden bed that he kept in the back of his basement. After
handcuffing the young man, the creep went upstairs to take his Viagra.
Meanwhile, Anthony smiled, and knew the time had come. The old man came back
down to the basement, mounted Anthony and prepared to rape him once again.

With a burst of strength, Anthony pulled the handcuffs straight through the
decaying wood and delivered a swift kick to the creep's genitals. He then threw
the old man down on the bed, and went over to the pole that he had been chained
to for so many years. He took the chain off the pole, and strangled the
pedophile until he was finally dead. And for the first time in his life,
Anthony smiled.

After leaving the old man's house, Anthony walked for many hours, thinking
about where he could possibly go. He then stumbled upon a small, inner city
church mission. There, he was given a bed, a bible, and food. They enrolled him
in a local high school, and Anthony's life was quickly back on track. Over the
next few months, he learned to read and write like all the other kids his age.
Though he had a lot to learn to catch up with everyone else, he was very
determined to become successful. With tons of hard work, Anthony graduated high
school near the top of his class.

During this time, Anthony started to read the bible that he had been given to
him when he arrived at the church mission. He ate it up, finishing it within a
few days. He loved and believed every word of it. As a result, Anthony would
often get into intense arguments with his science teachers at school when they
would present about the theory of evolution in class.

In addition to his good grades, Anthony was also a talented musician. He was a virtuoso
at the piano, and earned a free scholarship to Julliard for his playing. After
going to Julliard and playing piano for some of the school officials, Anthony
headed back to the church to tell the priest, Father Thomas that he had been
accepted to the school. Father Thomas had been almost like a dad to him, and
helped to mentor him. He was one of the few people that Anthony had ever been
able to connect with. Anthony did not like most people, and had very few
friends in his days at high school. Father Thomas was everything to Anthony; he
was the only person he had.

On his way back, Anthony picked up a newspaper. The paper had a large article
on The Enforcer, which Anthony was immediately attracted to. He instantly
became a fan of The Enforcer, as Anthony thought he was doing some real good
for society.

Anthony then looked up at the sky, and noticed a column of smoke rising into
the air. His heart sank. He knew exactly where the smoke was coming from. Tossing
the paper aside, he rushed to the church mission. It had been fire bombed,
leaving everyone inside dead. Through the entrance to the mission, Anthony
could see Father Thomas' burning corpse. He charged into the church, tears
flowing down his face, but was quickly pulled from the blaze by firefighters.

On that day, Anthony Grey became Apostle. He rented an apartment, made his
costume, canceled his scholarship to Julliard and began his career as a masked

Other info: Anthony loves classical music and church music. He also likes Frank
Sinatra. He regards all other types of music, especially rock/metal/rap to be
barbaric and disgusting.

His theme song is Frank Sinatra's song "My Way". Here's a link to it,
if you're interested.

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Post by Orc on Sat May 09, 2009 10:59 am

-Originally posted by Gamerdude2000-
Vigilante name: Spectre

Real name: Adrien Eric "Deuce" Daniels.

Age: 27

Appearance as vigilante: Spectre's appearance is meant to instill fear in those
he fights...if they see him. Spectre's head is covered in a ski mask like hood,
except it has no holes. It was made from a special fabric which allows him to
see out, but no one to see what's inside. However, he did cut a small slit for
his mouth, so that he can smoke. On top of his head is a black Mafia style
Fedora. His body covering depends on where he happens to be, although he
typically wears a black jacket overtop limited body armor, with black gloves,
brown pants, and worn out black work boots.

Appearance as normal person: As a normal person, Adrien typically wears dark
colors, and always wears sunglasses when in public if the sun is out. Other
then that, he looks like a pretty much average Joe. Dark chocolately brown hair,
green eyes, an average 5'10 height and decent musculature. He doesn't have much
of a party life. Alternately, he can often be found with a lit cigarette in his
mouth, despite the massive legal trouble he could get from it.

Weapons/gadgets: Spectre owns the following weapons and gadgets. Please note
that not all may be on his person at the same time.

Always Has:

Zippo Lighter with Engraved Skull: Adrien's lighter since after High School.
The Zippo is the only object he owns with any sentimental value. When asked why
he doesn't get a new one, he often spits at the asker's shoe.
(imagine it has a skull engraved in it)

Butterfly Knife: Adrien's most current knife. While not the perfect blade, its
intimidating appearance, as well as its custom made blade, makes it the perfect
choice for any down and dirty work he may have to do when his Glock isn't available.

Almost Always Has:
His personalized sidearm, a Glock 22 with specialized integrated silencing capabilities.
The special silenced ammo costs a decent amount, and the gun its self cost him
"half a Drug lord’s head and a Dictator's right lung." The fully auto
pistol is also equipped with an extended magazine, allowing twenty two shots
per clip. Its coloring is an entirely out of place blood red.
(extended clip not shown. It essentially hangs off the clip, making it... well...

Has Depending on Situation:

Scout Tactical: His first sniper rifle. The old, bolt action Scout tac is used
when he doesn't have to worry about piercing heavy armor or shooting from
utterly massive distances.

Barrett 50 Cal: His best sniper. A beast a long range and against armored
targets, the 50 Cal
is only used if he has no alternative.

Vehicle of Choice:

A good ol' blue Suzuki

Personality: Spectre is a non-denominational Christian who is borderline
Agnostic. He doesn't go to church, doesn't pray, doesn't anything. What he does
believe in is the bullet. A cold individual driven Mayan urge to seek vengeance
on the world's filth, Spectre is not a man who is pleasant in conversation. When
you are not his target, he is often quick to the point and emotionless. When
you are his target, he changes. He gets mocking, vengeful, borderline insane.
The last moments of your life will be a hell of harsh words, beatings, and
chaos if Spectre is the one with the gun to the back of your head.

He doesn't care about anyone else's opinion, hence why he smokes. If someone
doesn't like what he's doing, it's their own problem, not his.

History: Adrien was at one time a happy man. He was smart, he was attractive.
He had the world. Or many thought he did. But he didn't have her.

"Her" was of course Andrea Anastasia, the beautiful, part Greek woman
of his dreams. The raven haired Goddess, however, had always been stuck in
rotten relationships. Although her friendship with Adrien was strong, she never
could break away from an abusive boyfriend until they let her go.

It was her boyfriend during the first year of College that threw Adrien over
the edge. The man's name was Derrick King. A total bastard, beating Andrea when
drunk, shouting at her, borderline raping her on some occasions. Angry, Adrien
followed him one night when he left a beaten Andrea on the floor of her
apartment's kitchen, crying. Derrick went to a bar, where he left the car door
unlocked and went in. Hopping into Derrick's back seat with a gun
"borrowed" from a friend's gun cabinet, he waited. And he waited some
more. Hours. Sure enough, his wait paid off, as Derrick came out drunk and
tired. He got in the car, and began to drive.

After getting onto an abandoned road, Adrien sat up and put his gun to the back
of Derrick's head. He then gave him a long explanation as to why his remains
would be found in a flaming car later tonight, explaining all the darkness he
had committed to a woman who was a beacon of light. After much talk, he shot a
bullet through the man's head, swerved the car off the road, and jumped out. He
then cut the fuel line after it crashed, and lit some gas with a match, tossing
his gun into the growing flames. All evidence was thusly erased.

However, the intended effect was not achieved. Andrea, believing his drunken
crash to be her fault, hanged herself after hearing the news. And thusly,
Adrien broke. The world was dark...a cesspool of hate. He wouldn't live in this
world. He'd change the world. He went through a long process of dropping off
the grid, using a tracphone for all calls, not paying taxes, not having a
home...until he met Santiago Solano.

The rich Brazilian saved Adrien's life. He funded his money, found him jobs as
a hit man, and supported his efforts against crime, the works.

And thusly...Spectre was born. That was about a decade ago. Now, Spectre has
found his way to New York,
chasing down a radical Illegal immigrant who intends to incite a group of
Illegals into a massive riot. The fire he would cause would burn half the city.
Spectre has no qualms with using fire to fight fire.

Other Info: Spectre is a closet Rock and Techno fan, owning an IPod and a
Laptop with tons of sons.

Spectre is an extremely skilled snowboarder, having won a few competitions as a

Spectre is the British spelling of Specter.

Spectre has a pet rock with devil horns and vampire fangs named Azazel.

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Post by Orc on Sat May 09, 2009 11:00 am

-Originally posted by Myself-
Vigilante name:

He calls himself many a name, as do the media. Lone Crusader, the Inquisitor,
the Paladin, and the Watcher are but a few of the titles he has acquired.
Although, his original chosen name is Inquisitor.

Real name:

Zachary Ingram


34 (May change to suit History.)(Alas, if only I could draw what it is I have
in my mind.)

To give an idea of the general shape of his mask, think of a hood made of steel
rings, a chain-mail helmet if you will. Then, think of a leathery undercoating
underneath the chain hood, so as to provide a barrier between the rough rings.
The chain and leather mask covers all accept the eyes; the forehead above and
the nose and mouth bellow are covered as well as the rest of his head. Now,
think that the steel rings are silver in color, the brightest and shiniest
silver imaginable; so shiny that if one were to look upon it at noon, the
onlooker would be nearly blinded from the light reflected off them. As for the
leather, think of brown leather that of which could be seen in jackets of the
same material, yet it seems handmade and not taken from another article of
clothing such as a jacket. Now place upon this mask something which looks to be
a solid steel helmet, with only small eye slits giving away any of his face.

Now for his armor: consider, if you will, a long sheet of chains that resemble
the ones placed upon his head for his mask. Now, imagine putting this sheet of
chains around himself so as to form a torso piece that resembles chain-mail
armor. Think now of the same leather he used for his mask; imagine it
underneath the chain-mail armor just the same as his mask; this leather too
seems to be handmade. However, the suit is loose on him, pardoning an inch or
two. What could it be that keeps this armor tight to his chest? He wears
underneath this armor that of Kevlar and other such bulletproof armors. This
under armor covers his entire torso, down to his thighs. The chain-mail and
leather too go to the thighs and a bit further, almost looking like a small
skirt of armor. On the exterior, imagine steel plating akin to that of his
helmet attached to his chain-mail, such that it creates several plates of solid
steel on his abdomen that are separated to allow for flexibility. Think of
similar material for pauldrons, although they are solid pieces. He wears a
cloth tunic around his chest, which covers his entire torso down to his knees.
It is white as snow.

Then for his arms and legs: he wears a similar armor to that of his chest. The
same combination of chain and leather run down his legs and arms. The same
shine and glitter of his chains shine here as well. The leather here too
appears to be handmade. Think of steel pieces attached to his arms and legs, similar
to his chest piece. They are separated to allow for flexibility, yet they are
significantly thinner than the chest ones. His gloves are made of leather, just
as the rest of his suit, which are protected by steel half-gauntlets that
shield the upper half of the hands. And for his feet, think of leather, but no
chain. The chain stops at the ankle, but the leather proceeds around his entire
foot. Now, his feet are encased in steel boots which appeared to be latched
together from the front and hinge in the back. The steel is the same material
as that of his other plates.

On his back, he carries a mighty hammer made of steel and wood. The shaft is
approximately two feet of wood. The hammer piece itself is a
four-by-four-by-six inch solid rectangular piece of steel, rounded at the
edges. At the back and front ends, it is filled down to create a trapezoid of
sorts, with the top bas being two-by-two inches. On top of this piece of steel,
there is a sharp piece of steel pointing straight up at one inch. There are two
hilts, one that is one inch from the end of the shaft and one that is about six
inches up from that. The hilts are made of leather pieces, strapped by small
leather cords. There are bolts going through the hammer head where it meets the
shaft. The hammer head has an ornate finish to it, with gold-looking material
encrusted on it.

He also carries two shoulder holsters made of leather, which hold two guns. The
guns in these holsters look old, very old. In fact, they look like old
musket-era pistols, where one would have to do the whole procedure of shoving
an iron ball down, putting in gunpowder, etc. However, one can see this is not
the case. The handle has an opening in it which seems to allow custom made
cartridges enter and exit it, which hold normal .38 rounds. The pistols are
quite ornate, covered in artistic pieces of bronze and gold-look-a-like metals.

When in uniform, he carries with him a large tome, with metal chains attached
to the ends of the spine. Some of these pages are perfect, seemingly
word-for-word transcriptions of text-book material over the subject of American
history. This compendium of text goes from the American Revolution to the
current day; for days long since past, they are written from a 3rd person
omniscient perspective, and some of the text from history is missing, which he
deems as “not true” or “unfit” for America’s greatness. For days starting
nearer to the beginning of the RP, they are written in a journal form, with
dates as headlines.What can I say? He is a normal male with a significant
amount of strength considering his armor and weapons. No, but that is not
enough to describe him. Let me tread those areas which are most tread first. He
is approximately six feet tall, perhaps a few inches over. He does not know; he
has not measured himself for ages. He knows he is about six feet tall from when
he first made his suit. He has a thick, muscular face; looks a bit weathered by
fatigue, hardship, and age. His eyes are green, like that of an emerald.

The eyes appear to be in a constant state of fatigue, or rather imitating the
look of fatigue. His lips look worn and ragged, as if they were aged. His hair
is straight and as brown as dirt; his hair looks to be self-cut, as if he
placed a bowl over his head and trimmed around the edges. His eyebrows are
fairly sparse and bald. His hands look withered and aged, yet vigorous and
strong; the skin is worn, but the muscles are strong. His arms are thick with
muscle, just like his legs and torso; this is due to his training regiment for
his armor and weapons. One can notice many a scar and worn cut on his hands, as
if gained from years of blacksmithing, forging, and hand-to-hand fighting.He is
for all intents and purposes an eccentric and social reject. He thinks of
himself as a righteous and holy warrior in a sea of lesser, corrupt people who
have lead this great country of America
astray by the even more sinister criminals. He believes every citizen of America should stand united against the
criminals and outlaws, against the corruption and greed plaguing the country,
and against the growing threat of hostile countries such as Russia and Iran.

He is paranoid of outsiders, and who he considers outsiders shifts from time to
time. However, he views foreigners always in a disdainful way. He thinks of
non-Americans as lesser beings, subhuman, and they detract from the glory of
the great United States of
America. Always is he wary of those who do
not speak English; to him, any language but English may as well be demon-speak.

When confronted with a challenge or target, he will rush forward with his war
hammer in hand if at close range. He will yell out phrases which may be
considered religious war cries. At a long range, he will use his two pistols
and yell the same phrases. And in case you didn’t already figure this out, he
is an extremely patriotic nut; to him, America is Heaven (yet defiled by the
crime and corruption) and the founding fathers are gods (although, he is not
blind to the fact they are humans and have faults; he considers them to be the
best humans to date, nearing godhood).

He believes in no real gods, as seen above, and is otherwise quite Atheistic.
Excepting circumstances where his patriotism comes into play, he is quite
skeptical and cynical.On a day, a beautiful early-summer day, just like any
other in their home state of Montana, Ronald
and Anne Ingram were going to have a picnic on a field near their town of Walt. Ronald wanted to
drive his wife out to the place where he proposed to her exactly a year
earlier. The sun was shining brilliantly, the grass was gleaming green, the air
was pure blue and small patches of white, and the mountains far in the distance
were snow-capped and pristine. This field was a plateau of sorts, almost a
mound of just grass, a half mile above the rest of the ground and the top of
this plateau was just as long. Towards the mountains, there was a forest, an
ancient forest, where Ronald and Anne would meet each other occasionally when
they were younger; all the kids ventured into the forest. The forest was vast
and was dense; some parts of the drive, the sky was blotted out by the
overhanging branches. The town of Walt was
between the mountains and the forest, and was by the Garfield River.
This plateau from where the couple gazed was behind the forest, so the order
goes plateau, forest, town, and then mountains.

It was eight in dusk before the couple set out on this excursion. The neighbors
wished them well as they departed for the day. As Ronald got onto the one road
out of this town, the road which the trees overhung, Anne turned to Ronald and
asked, “So, where are you taking me?” And Ronald responded, “Remember when we
first met? I was in the forest one day and you showed up beside me. We went to
the outer edge of the forest and saw that huge mound. And then I said to you,
‘I bet this place will be special.’ As it turns out, it was there, on one of
our dates I proposed to you. I thought, ‘What better place to go to than where
we officially bonded?’” Anne blushed and went silent, turning to look out the
window. She saw a tree pass by, then two, then two more, five more, ten on each
side, twenty, thirty, and forty! Oh how fast these trees passed the car. Soon
enough, the car was dark, due to the fact of the sun growing dimmer by the
minute and the dense and light-hiding thickness of the trees. When they got on
the other side of this wall of trees, it was dark, night in fact.

Ronald drove the car to the summit of the mound and parked it there. He got out
and went over to the front passenger’s side and opened the door for Anne. She
gracefully exited the car and was embraced by her husband, and they kissed.
Ronald quickly grabbed the picnic basket and ran off with Anne towards the top
of the mound. There, he placed the basket down and took out a large cloth mat
and laid it on the ground neatly. He took out a candle and placed it in the
center, then took out a light and lit the candle. Anne meanwhile took from the
basket two plates, two glasses, and a bottle of wine. She poured some of this
wine into both glasses and then put the bottle back in the basket. And finally,
Ronald took out some fresh bread, a bit of butter, and butter knives; he placed
two equal pieces of bread and a knife on each plate, and then put the butter
between the plates. After this last chore, the couple sat down and began to eat
and drink. Between rounds of eating and drinking, the couple would exchange
romantic sweet-nothings to each other or talked about more substantial yet
romantic topics.

After approximately an hour or so, the couple disengaged from the above
mentioned routine. Anne looked up into the night sky and said to her husband,
“Would you look at that! It’s so beautiful!” And the night sky was indeed
beautiful. Constellations were readily visible; the night sky was brilliant
with stars. It seemed so serene, so perfect, so wonderful and magnificent. Oh
if only one could paint a picture of this majestic star-studded sky! Ronald
replied to his wife, “It is only fitting one of such beauty as you should be in
the company of such a beautiful sky.” Anne blushed and kissed Ronald. “Perhaps
tonight we should make something just as wonderful as the sky,” Anne
romantically suggested as she kissed Ronald on the cheek again.

And months later, a child would be born, and his name would be Zachary
Ingram.(I have collected various sound files, some of which are YouTube videos
with a good background theme. I plan to use specific sounds in posts or scenes
I am in, if I can find one to fit I mean.)

We are beset on all sides. To the east, we have the foul servants of the
unholiest cult. To the west, we have our old foe whom as we speak plans our
demise. To the south, we are losing our Americans to the unworthy in
occupations. Even in our own borders the Enemies of America strike at us under the
mask of citizenship. To these I say, "Begone evil one, for you shall hath
no place in the Land
of America." Now, we
must take up our holy banner and thrust it into the hearts of all who oppose
us. To war, my brethren, TO WAR!

(I have nothing for 1:51-3:40.)

And the Lone Paladin, the Crusader of America, the mighty and proud Inquisitor
paraded down the street on his mighty steed. He had the appearance of a knight
in shining armor, literally, and inspired patriotism and pride in those who
looked upon him. He caused the less moral ones to turn their eyes, or to flee
altogether. Many a citizen salute him and he pranced onward through the street.
When he got to the intersection, all cars stopped and the citizens all gathered
around to hear his words.

"My brethren, we are at war. Foul creatures under the guise of Americans
have looted American stores, burned American homes, and killed Americans. These
thieves, these arsonists and pillagers, these murderers deserve no quarter. For
each theft, a man looses a sale. For each lost sale, a man looses money. For
every loss in money, less is spent for children. For less spending on children,
children lose out on education. For less educated children, we get more
drop-outs and losers. For more drop-outs and losers, we get more thieves, more
arsonists, more pillagers, and more murderers. For every thief, there is a
theft; for every arsonist and pillager, there is one less home; for each
murderer, there is one less American. One cannot hope to change the Thief to
not thieve, for it is his nature; one cannot hope to change the Murderer to not
murder, for it is his nature. All that we can do, my brothers and sisters, is
make the punishment for crimes so great that none can do harm to America
and get away: death. Now, for the glory of America, thou shall find each thief
and murder, and do justice onto them!"

The Crusader mounted his steed in the darkest of dark nights. He picked up his
lance and charged out his humble castle. With great speed and anger he stormed
through the countryside, moving towards the city. In the city, many a cry ring
out for the Crusader, the Paladin, the Defender, the Protector, and the
Inquisitor to come in aid. The city was burning, the citizens fleeing, and the
Evil Ones to blame for it all. Faster and faster, faster and faster, almost
till his horse took flight he sped towards the city, a part of America needed
aid and he would give it to them. He arrived to find the city in riot. He sped
around the streets with his lance when he saw the enemy.

-Stop in Music-

He charged forth at the enemy without a moment’s notice. He picked up his spear
and held it close to him as he flew towards the nearest target. His steed
collided with one of the enemy and his spear found its target. The collision
flew him from his steed. As he landed, he pulled out his mighty warhammer and
swung at his enemies. (

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-Originally posted by Entaris-
Vigilante name: Domh

Real name: Ray Lanchester

Appearance as vigilante: Domh wears a blood-flecked black WW2 trench coat,
ripped-cut-torn black cargos and a vest made from the straight jacket they used
to make him wear. Covers his face with a mask made from half-inch-thick
titanium (made it himself, is very proud of it) inlaid with blackened iron
(design is like the right of my Avatar)

Appearance as a normal person: 5' 9", Black Armani suits for meetings,
black slacks and some sort of black and bright green patterned shirt on set

Weapons/Gadgets: Handmade Ninjato with a blade 3" wide from edge to
spine(ordered by Ray, not made) several shivs of various materials placed about
his person, two punching daggers in his pockets and one set of throwing spikes
up his sleeve

Personality: As Ray, Calm, personable, downright agreeable and likable. As Domh,
decidedly viscious, touchy and foul-tempered (think a wolverine sprayed with
Mace). They will involve themselves in conversation if they feel the need to
add their input, even while the other is "drivin" the body.

History: Ray was..IS a big time movie producer and director, one of the few
that likes to hop around cities instead of staying "holed up" in Tinsle Town.
He has a reputation for making some of the best action and horror films ever
and his hallmark is the accuracy and realism he acheives with gore, violence
and the psychological nature of Fear.

Noone would suspect that he knows all these things because he's seen them all
first hand...well...SECOND hand, to be more accurate. Ray has an issue, his
name is Domh. Ray experienced the traumatic torture and death of his father,
mother and stepsister at the hands of kidnappers trying to get national secrets
out of his Four Star General father. According to psychiatrists, Ray's psyche
shattered and part of it formed what is now Domh, a "manifestation of the
deepseated hatred and raw violence of his emotions". At least, that's what
they said at the Murder hearing after Domh had hacked a man apart out on the
front lawn with a dull tomahawk that Ray had had on display over his mantle
when the man broke into Ray' house, but proceeded to run back out after he saw
someone was home.

He plead Insanity, for obvious reasons, and was sentenced to Arkham until he
was proven "Reformed and fit for Society". After a year of Domh's
thrashing about the cell in abject boredom, Ray and he had a nice, long talk
and came to a decision. Ray gets control of the body during the daytime to do
his job and all that, while Domh gets the night to do whatever he wants, though
killing killing criminals, since "noone investigates a rapist being gutted
during the act".

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