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Post by Orc on Sun May 10, 2009 3:54 pm

-Originally posted by Gath_Stormer; sorry for the delay.-
The basics of this began years ago in my youth
but to keep it short me and my brother a long time ago made of like imaginary
worlds and kind of rped a sort on our own. This is a concept we threw around a
few times.

Post here if you think its a good concept. Char specs below...

The year is 2080 the Earth's population has grown greatly over the last 70 or
so years. The great cities of the world are overgrown with people with the
population reaching an astronomical 17 billion in the 2080 population count. A
surprising 11 billion of which are prisoners. In the year 2081 the world
leaders held a meeting and in an overwhelming voting percentage they voted that
something must be done and fast. In the year 2084 the opportunity presented
itself. The Earth Exploration Expedition into the Milky Way Galaxy happened
upon a planet about 2,000 less miles in diameter then the Earth. The world
leaders found this as a perfect opportunity. Why not take the worst of the
worst the prison scum of the world and dump them there. They immediately set to
work making sure the planet had the necessary qualities for life. They planted
forests stocked it with wildlife and carved great lakes and rivers. Soon it
became to resemble Earth slightly so they built. They built countless slums all
over the world for them to live in. Named Constancy they began shipping many of
their prisoners there. The criminals fended for there lifes creating there own
communities, gangs, civilization and continued to populate Constancy. Our story
starts years after the opening of Constancy in the year 2200...
Constancy has only advanced a fraction of the amount Earth has in this time
period mostly because most are criminals. However, despite the aggressive and
hostile natural of its citizens Constancy has advanced due to human's natural
ability to adapt and obtain knowledge. Death (to no surprise) is very common
accounting for is slim increase in population because of the superiority of
death to birth rates at most periods of time. Their is a slim percentage of
good people actually in the world making good morals merely folklore now. As
well as its immorality Constancy is a highly segregated world made up of
thousands of different groups both big and small littered throughout the
planet. Ask yourself how would you survive ask yourself simply how.

The Slang:
As well as a lot of common street slang Constancy has a few words common on the

Dross: A group of new convicts dropped off at the planet.

Hudrop: A gang or group that have grown notorious in their ways. (sort of like
a criminals badge of honor such as who's the baddest bitch around)

Slack: An individual who never joined a particular group; a loner. Usually very
tough and good at surviving and knows how to take care of him self.

Slag: A contract of sorts that bonds you to a particular deal or group usually
to break it is confirming your demise.

Rumin: A highly addictive drug usually chewed.

Rumren: A highly addictive drug that is a form of Rumin that is usually smoked.

Legere: A large group that have taken it upon themselves to bring order to the
lawless. They abide by a strict code of law. ( Remember just because they
believe in a law doesn't mean they are all to good)


Name: (first and last name of the character)

Age: (How many years old are they)

Gender: (Male or Female)

Time on Constancy: (How long has he been on the planet or is he a newcomer)

The Gang: [If he is a part of a gang or group or such tell about it (If he is
in Constancy)]

Crime: (Why has he been sentenced to prison or are they wrongly accused)

Appearance: (Looks)

Personality: (How is like)

Background Info/History: (His past)

Other: (What else should we know)

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Post by Orc on Sun May 10, 2009 3:57 pm

-Originally posted by Kamica-
Name: Jack

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Time on Constancy: Since his birth

The Gang: A Slack

Crime: His "crime" was being born on that godforsaken rock.

Appearance: He has some nasty cutting and bullet scars, but nothing that realy
prevents him from acting normally, he looks a bit weak compared to the other
people who live on the planet, he has brown hair, one blue eye and one brown
eye, which suprisingly is natural.

Personality: He refrains from starting fights, he will on the other hand,
defend himself fiercly when confronted with an agressive person, he also has
respect for anyone who thinks the same way as he does and other Slacks.

Background Info/History: He was born on Constancy and grew up in this hellhole,
his parents were part of the Legere, however, his father soon got killed when
he was trying to bring justice to a bit too large group, his mother raised him
with morals, but also skills to survive, Jack started to doubt the ordeals of
his mother, and started growing some of his own, as the Legere were killing
anybody who didn't do justice, but Jack thought they were just the same as
every other gang, clan and group, so when he was 14, he left his home, and
started roaming, not a good discision he noticed, on literally every corner he
came, people stood ready with guns, knifes, swords and bombs, nowhere appeared
safe, He eventually settled in a city with less than average gang activity,
where he got into a abandoned house with a basement, which he expanded every
day a little bit, mostly downwards, but also a bit to the sides, adding many
floors to his house, he also studied any technology he could find, including
weapons, televisions, computers, chairs and just about everything, giving him
an above average technological knowledge, which he uses to protect himself and
his house, this way he had created little scouting robots, which he could
controll from his house, to check around the city without putting himself to
danger, and as soon as the connection would be broken or the order was given,
they would destroy themselves, in an explosive way.

Other: Jack looks down on people who aren't creative.
-Originally posted by Arafor-
Name: Berun Demian

Age: 43

Gender: Male

Time on Constancy: 20
The Gang: Not afiiliated
Crime: He has been convicted for the murder of his wife and children in a
brutal slaying and then going on a rampage killing close to half a dozen people
in one night.
Appearance: He stands at about six foot five inches tall and is slightly round
but have muscular arms and a mangled unkempt beard with an old rag covering his
head of tangled black hair. He has dull-brown eyes and rough skin from years
off work and has dirt stained skin due to his time in the forests. He has thick
eye brows and wears and old coat and animal skin pants.

Personality: He is a good person to children and those who he knows are
innocent for a fact. He is serious and wise but can joke around but if someone
begins to kid about their crimes he will kill them. He is confused himself
about his crime and doesn't know who he truly is.

Background Info/History:There was no evidence supporting the thought that he
murdered his family or those people and it is thought that the cops may have
been corrupt and pinned the blame on someone close to the wife and child. He
was sent to a normal for awhile but was then transfered to the prisoner planet.
He chose to live in the deep parts of the forest and if anyone endangers his
way of life he makes sure they are taken care of. He is still confused as to
whether or not he is the murderer or not.
-Originally posted by Entaris-
Name: Enai Marani

Age: 25

Gender: Male

Time on Constancy: 6 years

The Gang: The Unbound Dragons, descendants of the Yakuza. Became the head after
executing the last Daimyo in an open duel, fairly and honorably.

Crime: Conspiracy, sedition, piracy and pre-meditated murder

Appearance: Wears an inky black fitted full length trench coat that's tailored
to look very business like. Beneath this he wears his gang's signature white
shirt, black tie, slacks, and the various broken chains the represent their
'unbinding' from Yakuza. His feet are clad in knee-high boots covered in
tarnished silver buckles. He also constantly wears the old Daimyo's black
Ray-ban sunglasses in his honor and keeps the man's black laquered hand-folded
katana at his side as a symbol of his authority.

Personality: He's outwardly foreboding to behold, not entirely because of his
contingent of eight Dragons gaurding his person at any time. His eyebrow is
almost constantly cocked in a questioning look to anyone that happens to look
at him, simultaneously asking them what they want and warning them of hsi
readiness for a challenge.

Background Info/History: Entai was born to a Japanese-American military officer
father and a Japanese shrine tending mother. As such, he has a deep respect for
the old traditions of Bushido and Honor, as well as a keen loyalty to his men.
When he was 20, he was arrested for conspiracy against the corrupt commander of
the base he was serving on when he and his barracks attempted to reveal his illegal
weapons dealing operation. The surviving members are now his Gaurd in the
Dragons and stay at his side at all times and are his best friends and brothers
in arms. After removing the previous Daimyo from the Dragons, he quickly
established himself as a new, honorable head and began solidfying the Dragons'
presence in their territories, as well as establishing several facade
businesses inside disputed areas to recruit more members.

Other: His father personally taught him Iaido, and he uses it when neccessary
to end a dispute quickly.
-Originally posted by Gath_Stormer-
Name: Gath Fenrok

Age: 26

Gender: Male

Time on Constancy: 5 years

The Gang: He is the new leader of the Verstoten Wolf after the former leader

Crime: When he was 21 after being abused by his parent his whole life he
finally snapped on a visit to their house. He killed his mother and father.
Then he ran out with a gun killing everyone that tried to subdue him amounting
to 3 civilian deaths and 2 police officer deaths before he was actually

Appearance: He is white with brown eyes, dark brown long messy hair, smooth
features, well muscled. He wears normal street dress usually and a suit
whenever taking care of "business". Such as a drug deal or gang

Personality: He is a hardened man, very harsh to his enemies, kind to his
followers and friends, and very serious about what he does. He doesn't like
authority but will submit it he sees it going his way in the future.

Background Info/History: He grew up a normal boy though he was continuously
abused by his parents growing a hatred for them. At age 12 he joined his first
gang and has been in and out of them until he was 16 and moved away from home.
He always stayed with his school work and was top of his class in high school
despite being in gangs he even skipped two grades causing him to graduate at
age 16. At age 17 in Europe he joined one of the most feared Dutch Mafia
staying with them until he was 20 killing the leader in a dispute and fled back
to America.
There he lived out of a gang or mafia until he visited his parents and in a
chain of events lead him on death roll then to Constancy then to a Dutch gang
then to the leadership position.

Other: He is very watchful and a very organized man. He is also a lover of the
latest things and loves the general gang/mafia live.
-Originally posted by Zan-
Name: Zack Estrada

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Time on Constancy: 5 years

The Gang: Verstoten Wolf

Crime: Zack originally killed Governor Alex Blecof of Georgia, 4 police chiefs,
as well as many various other people... He worked as a Hitman for hire from a
very young age... When he was finally caught he was on a mission for a
presidential candidate to remove his competition... There was an inside man, a
friend of Zack who tipped the authorities. He was caught in a hotel room with a
sniper rifle aimed at the candidates head, ready to fire. When the authorities
came in he made it out alive by surrendering with his hands on his head. Than
they shipped him off to Constancy!

Appearance: Between Medium and Tall Height, Tan, Ice Blue Eyes, Athletic build,
Muscular, Semi Long Hair That is Jet Black.

Personality: Very sarcastic, Sometimes Harsh, Most of the Time Closed And Quiet

Background Info/History: At the age of 2 his mother Vanished, At age 8 His
father became a heavy drinker, Age 10 he ran away from home, (sick of being
beaten and tortured) Age 15 he began Hitman training, Age 19 shipped off to

Other: Zack's Very creative. He is good with technology, He is all round
smart... His Hitman training allows him to dispatch people quickly in hand to
hand or weapon fighting. He has extreme accuracy with most kinds of guns
especially scoped ones...
-Originally posted by RPGal-
Name: Sarah Johnson

Age: 23

Gender: Female

Time on Constancy: Newcomer

The Gang: Newcomer hasn't joined one yet

Crime: Many accounts of murder

Appearance: About 5 feet 11 inches tall. Wears tight clothing. Long dark brown

Personality: She knows how to make people like her and make people hate her.
She uses this to her advantage to get what she wants.

Background Info/History: She grew up on Earth alone. She found work as a
stripper but then after being suddenly fired she turned to the life of killing.
She started enjoyed killing and became somewhat of a hitman.

Other: Not really..

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