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Post by CromTheConqueror on Tue May 12, 2009 7:50 pm

Basically I want to try and see if I can port the Knights of the Old Republic /Mass Effect style RPG to text. Having been successful in this regard years ago when I ran an "imaginary game" with my little brother and his friends years ago I figured I'd give it a shot here and see if it would work on a forum. Basically, everyone will follow a none-linear storyline that I have constructed, and make choices and decisions throughout the course of the tale and truly make it their own. Unlike other RP's there is no set in stone ending.

For example. When I say the way the story plays out I really mean it is your choice. When you're offered by some great evil warlord to join him in his quest for dominance of the galaxy you can take him up on the offer. There will be an ending but you are not pulled into a "good or evil" ending that is pretty much an exact replica of the other beyond a few minor touches.

I have yet to decide if this should be scripted or not. I ran this with the little tyke completely unscripted but I'm open to doing a scripted RP. (This means that if you get to a hall and you can go left or right I'll say at the end of the post. Do you want to go: A) Left, B) Right. Or if you were in a conversation someone might give you an offer on an item and I'd go Reply: A) Sure. That will do. B) Don't screw with me. I want a real price, C) There's no way I could pay that small a price! Take an extra two hundred creds! D) Give it to me for free before I blow your brains open with this power fist, E) I don't want anything you have to sell. F) That's too high for my pricerange. However if we negotiate a little I'm sure we could come to an arrangement.

Combat will be completely unscripted and you can make as detailed posts as you wish. You will however be victim to what you actually have. For example, if you crop a grenade, you need to say what sort of grenade you used and you need to actually have said grenade in your inventory.

This will be based in a sci-fi setting. I wrote this little intro this evening. All RP's will start out like this.


It was black. A frozen black. A black so dark that light could not possibly escape. It was a frozen moment in time. The equivalent of a black hole. Two shadows stood there seemingly face to face.

“I will keep your secrets,” the shadow of a man spoke.

“I don't doubt that,” spoke a second shadow irritably. “The question is why would you keep my secrets? Money, future fame, influence?”
“Those would be all good reasons. But wrong ones. I will do it because it is the right thing to do.”
The man gave a cold laugh. “That's almost believable.”

“As you wish,” said the second shadow. “In the end we both know whatever my motivations it won't matter. The die is cast. The future is set. We simply go through the motions to an end that is inevitable.”

“Like always, you waste my time with your prophetic nonsense. It has no value to me. Or I suspect anyone else.”
A flaming circle burst into view the flickering flames lighting up the alley.

“Goodbye,” said the second man. He walked into the flames and was gone.


In a complex and a dusty dark, a warehouse somewhere across town, a circle of flame burst forth in the center of the room. The warehouse contained rice rockets, Chinese speeders, and brackboards destined for sensation craving West Alliance consumers. There was no security or maybe it was that someone was simply taking a nap.

Walking out of the flame came a tall figure dressed in black leather. He was thin, wiry, but so very tall. He might have been anywhere from 6'6" to 7 feet tall. The man clapped his hands twice in the circle of flame folded into itself and it was as if it had been nothing. There was no sign of its existence, of its force, of its strange ability to defy gravity by simply having been suspended in space.

“It all begins” thought the man grimly. He looked about.

He could see a guard about 100 yards away. Providing security at this small little dusty building was anything but rewarding. The guard knew it was a dead-end job. No one really cared if he did it well or did poorly. The grim man looked on recognizing that the guard was lost in his own world.
The being walked backed into the shadows and suddenly was gone. One of the shadows on the wall began to move elongating itself, stretching itself and then contracting along the wall. It moved effortlessly and with great speed. It left the wall and traveled across the floor.

Rapidly it approached where the guard playing cards sat with his back to the shadow. Suddenly the shadow pulled itself up from the floor and into the shape of the grim man or some fragment of it. He was black and inky and lacked the exactness of his former shape. His hands reached out around the throat of the card playing guard. There was a grotesque snap and the guard fell forward onto the floor. The shadow man touched a red button underneath the desk. From the blackness around him drew a suitcase. He placed it on the desk. The grim man walked out of the building unseen and into the night.

Twenty seconds later the building exploded.


Halloween night. The sun dipping down from the sky. Typical suburban house. Perhaps a typical suburban family.

“Sean, don’t even think about it. You were almost caught shoplifting…again.”

“Leave me alone. Dad, I’m tired of all your crap.” A fourteen year old boy screamed at his father. His accusing gaze pieced a young woman holding a baby. He said nothing but his eyes spoke for him. Traitor.

“I don't care if you're tired of my crap or not,” yelled back the older man.

“So what? Nobody cares. It was just an iAll!"

“What are you talking about… just a music player? Eventually they're going to put you into detention, Sean.”

“You'd like that, wouldn't you?” retorted the boy. “Then you wouldn't have to deal with me anymore. They got rid of mom and now it's time to get rid of me.”

“This isn't about your mom, Sean.”

“Sean,” cried the girl. “You’re making the baby cry. You’re not being fair to Dad. We just want to help.”

“No, it's never about mom. It's always about me. You're always on his side. I'm out of here,” the boy suddenly ran out the door.

“Damn it,” the older man punched the wall, his fist smashing through the weak material.

“I’m going to go talk to him…” muttered Sean’s sister as she gently laid the baby back into the crib. Her father simply nodded staring vacantly at the hole in the wall his head cocked to one side.

The street lights were dim. The neighborhood was full of shadows, dark, grim, uninviting. The sky was gray and full of clouds. The girl yelled out, “Sean, where are you? Sean, come back. Don't make it worse. Don't tear up the family any more than it is already.”

Sean could hear her words. It's just that at this moment he couldn't get himself to care. He was tired of all the arguing. He was tired of feeling alone in his own home.

“Sean!” screamed his sister.


Anne walked back into the house. She had walked around the neighborhood for a time and even tried to ask an old brown robed beggar if he had seen him but the man had simply shot her a terrified glance and hurried off. She knew he’d come back. He always did. The baby was quiet. Her father had mostly likely given him a sedative to calm her down. Anne hated using sedatives but they were safe –enough- and her father had enough on his mind without the baby screeching her heart out. Sometimes Anne wished she was a baby. She wanted nothing more then to cry and scream till her voice was gone and her body refused to shed a single drop. Maybe, then she could get on with her life. But she couldn’t. She had two children to worry about and no time to cry…no time to mourn.

“Dad?” whispered Anne. The house was dark the suns descent was nearly complete.

“Dad?” called out Anne louder.

“I’m in the kitchen,” replied her father his voice sickly and high.
Anne walked through the living room into the narrow kitchen. Her father sat at the small coffee table his head dipped down his face covered in shadow.

“Dad you okay?” asked Anne.
Her dad looked up. But it wasn’t his face. The face was bone white with dark soulless eyes. The face smiled revealing pointed bloody teeth, “I’ve never felt better honey.”

The face, leaped, from her father’s body hurling toward her. Her father’s lifeless corpse fell to the floor his face bathed in blood. Anne screamed.


Sean fiddled with the keys to the door. He was sorry. He hated himself. Hated himself for being such a jerk. Hated himself for being weak. He would do better he promised himself. This time.


The door opened and Sean walked inside.


“SEAN!” screamed Anne her voice terrified.

The voice came from the roof! Sean ripped upstairs catapulting up the short flight of stairs that led to the roof. He burst through the door.

“SEAN!” screamed Anne again.

It was coming from the apartment next door! Sean quickly ran to the ladder and begun climbing to the next story. One, two, three stories he climbed. Finally reaching the top he stared at Anne. She stood on the far side of the flat roof facing away from him at the street below. Her clothes were ripped and blood was evident. She held a tightly wrapped baby Rose.

“Anne?” asked Sean scared. “Anne what…what happened to you!”

His sister began giggling. The baby squirmed uncomfortably.

Anne spoke in a voice that was not her own, “I would have hated for you to miss this.”

She tossed the baby over the edge of the roof.

Sean screamed, sprinting forward he slammed into his sister.

“What have you done!?” He whirled her around. Black eyes stared at him. A bone white face streaked with gore grinned up at him. Sean body locked in fear. The face laughed and tossed Sean aside like a toy.

“Time to die Sean,” whispered the face that possessed his sister. “Time to die…”

There was a blinding flash of light and Anne body was ripped off the roof. A rigid form illuminated in light approached him.

The voice was cold and calm, “Come…”

Sean heard a mind shattering screech and blackness enveloped his view.

It collided with the white form smashing it into the roof floor. The white light dimmed revealing a human like form clad in strange smooth armor. The man moved methodically and with inhuman speed ripped the shadowy form off it and slammed it into the ground. Moving over the shadows it released white lightning from the palm of its gauntlet. The shadow screeched and suddenly black ink like tentacles began ripping into its attacker’s armor. A clear liquid color poured the gaping wounds.

With a vengeful shriek the black creature shrank to the ground and slid below him. It suddenly reappeared hurling toward Sean. The armored man stood up. He held a sleek gun-like weapon that Sean had never seen before. Flaming bullets flew from the weapon shattering into the shrieking creature sending it hurling into the edge of the roof. Sean spied the face of the creature that had used his sister’s form.

It disappeared suddenly and the ink like shadows twisted into a large ash creature with giant claws. Tentacles twisted furiously across its back. The creature turned around and hissed furiously. The two charged into one another.

“Take my hand!” whispered a voice furiously behind Sean. Sean’s eyes ripped from the brutal fight. A brown dirty man stood beside him. “Take my hand!”

Sean stared at him dumbly. The man growled and gripped the boy’s hand.

Sean’s world went black.


The white armored man fell to the ground dead. Clear liquid blood covered the roof entirety of the roof. The shadow wheeled around. The boy was gone.

Sean blinked rapidly. He lay on his back in brightly lit room. Where was…? Anne!

The thought hit Sean like a hammer and he closed his eyes again. Rose!
A dream, thought Sean to himself. Nothing but a dream. The floor was rough beneath him but his brain convinced him it didn’t matter. You were asleep in bed it told him. You had a nightmare. Twisted out of your bed. Now you’re going to wake up and you’ll be in your house. Your brain is right, said his heart. Such pain can only come from a nightmare. Sean opened his eyes. He blinked. The room was a white bright. It took several moments for his eyes to adjust to the light.

He lay in a brightly lit room. Not his room. His brain went into overdrive. It’s a dream within a dream it screamed. What happened could not have happened. No, said Sean. His heart wailed in pain. It was real! Sean lurched up.

“I see you’re awake.”

Sean turned his head. A man in a black suit sat at small four legged table. It –like everything else in the room- was made of a clear glass like material.

Attributes: These basically act as modifiers for your skills. For example intelligence would buff your computer skill. Sometimes attributes can overlap like agility and strength both help your energy weapons (melee) and metal melee skills.

Strength: This is your ability to hit things. It also includes your ability to lift, hit, jump, hit and of course hit. Basically everything that requires unreasonable load of muscle. This is more your ability to do the difficult rather than your ability to sustain doing the difficult.

Agility: Grace, speed, balance, poise ect. This pretty much effects speed in all things. From reloading weapons, to the speed of a swung sword or just general running your ass off.

Intelligence: Brainiacs are all the rage. This pretty much contributes to everything that involves the mind's technical pursuits.

Endurance: The typical. The ability to take damage and the ability to sustain oneself in an activity for a long period of time. Combined with agility this would mean how long you could sustain a hurried run or with strength how long you could sustain your ardous physical labor.

Charisma: Charming, empathy, speching skillz, and seduction. Basically the thing you need to get people to bend to your iron will or sleep with you. Charisma is the one thing that will protect you from societies rejection even if you are an ugly turd.

Luck: This is the thing that makes no fucking sense. It is what allows you to blow a persons head off when you were actually aiming about five to the left of anything near his chest. It's what allows the big ray of death to blow up a city and leave you unscatched. Random goodass stuff basically.

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New Mini-RP Empty Re: New Mini-RP

Post by Arafor on Wed May 13, 2009 5:04 am

Im interested in this but I just need to finish reading the spoilers.
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New Mini-RP Empty Re: New Mini-RP

Post by Kamica on Wed May 13, 2009 5:38 am

Spoilers are looong O.o and since when do the RP's here have endings? XD. Or did you mean as in standart RPG's?
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New Mini-RP Empty Re: New Mini-RP

Post by CromTheConqueror on Wed May 13, 2009 11:41 am

Skills: Basically the various skills.

Computer: If it involves computer this skill covers it. From hacking, to virus formulas, to anti-hacking software. (Atr: Int)

Mechanic: Building, reparing, sabotaging. All things mechanical fall under this skill. (BsAtr: Int)

Speech: Charm people, convince people, fool people or turn them. Speech is everything that involves language. (Atr: Cha)

Melee Weapons: Every form of none energy melee weapon. From sledge hammers to power fists. (Atr: Agi, Str)

Energy Melee: Everything that involves energy melee weapons from psi slicers to energy swords. (Atr: Agi, Str)

Range Weapons: Basically all forms of projectile weaponry from sniper rifles to shotguns. (Atr: Agi)

Energy Weapons: Basically all forms of ranged energy weapons from pulse rifles to laser guns. (Atr: Agi)

Heavy Weapons: Mini-guns, missle launchers, plasma throwers. You get the gist of it. (Atr: Str, Endu)

Barter: This is what gets you nice items for cheap or lets you sell crap for loads of cash. (Atr: Cha)

Athletics: Running, jumping, lifting and the like. (Atr: Endu, Str, Agi)

Unarmed Combat: Kicking, punching, head butting ect. (Agi, Str)

Pack Mule: Carry lots of stuff. (Atr: Endur)

Medical: I are patch up your jawless face. (Atr: Int)

Stealth: Solid Snake has nothing on you. (Atr: Agi)

Armor: Naturally improves armor usage. (Atr: Endur)

Tinker: Fixing weapons, tuning weapons, and basically tinkering with items. (Atr: Int)

Cybernetics: Improving the usage of your cybernetics. (Atr: Int)

Leadership: Ability to lead others. (Atr: Char)

Explosives: Grenades, mines, ect. (Atr: Strength)


Overtime your actions and experiences will develope in traits. You may choose up to three traits. However, for every positive one you pick from the beginners list you must add a negative one. Future traits will not be limited to merely attributes and skills.

Handsome: +1 Charisma

Ugly: -1 Charisma

Tough Ol' Bastard: +1 Endurance

Weakling: -1 Endurance

Wrestler: +1 Strength

Noodles For Arms: -1 Strength

Brainchild: + Intelligence

Dropped on Your Head as a Child: -1 Intelligence

Hare: +1 Agility

Tortoise: -1 Agility

Half-Leprachaun: +1 Luck

Unlucky: -1 Luck

Things Go Boom: +10 Heavy Weapons

Dislikes Boom: -10 Heavy Weapon

I Are In Your Bases: +10 Computer

You Are In Meh Base!: -10 Computer

Healing Hands: +10 Medical

Blackthumb: -10 Medical

Natural Shot: +10 Range Weapon

Lousy Aimer: -10 Range Weapon

Beater: +10 Unarmed Combat

Always Bring Two Lunches...: -10 Unarmed Combat

Armor Whore: +10 Armor

But Tin Cans Smell Bad: -10 Armor

Bob the Builder: +10 Mechanic

Bob the Breaker: -10 Mechanic

Tinker Toy Boy: +10 Tinker

Lego Failure: -10 Tinker

Cyber Lad: +10 Cybernetics

Difficult Brain: -10 Cybernetics

Natural Tone: +10 speech

Whiny Voice: -10 speech

Born to Lead: +10 Leadership

Born to Follow: -10 Leadership

Rock Thrower: +10 Explosives

Dislikes Unity Day: -10 Explosives

Sneaky lil Thing: +10 Sneak

Gallomping Glute: -10 Sneak

Human Backpack: +10 Pack Mule

"Mom hold this...": -10 Pack Mule

Fitness Aware: +10 Athletics

Fat Baby: -10 Athletics

Haggler: +10 Barter

"I losy my piggy bank!": -10 Barter

Suburban Samurai: +10 Melee Weapon

Twig Wielder: -10 Melee Weapons

Energy Affluent: +10 Energy Melee

Energy Sucker: -10 Enerygy Melee

Energy Focused: +10 Energy Weapon

Energy Lacking: -10 Energy Weapon

Character Sheet:


Physical Appearance:


Items: Default civilian clothes, house key, 100 creds, plastic watch, and an iAll.

Skills: (You have thirty to start with and a default of ten.)

Attributes: (You have seven to start with and a default of three.)

The amount of items you can carry is based off the weight of said items and your endurance.


Your use of the Power is removed from the rest of your attributes and skills. You will learn more about the Power through the game.

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New Mini-RP Empty Re: New Mini-RP

Post by CromTheConqueror on Wed May 13, 2009 4:31 pm

Added a poll.
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New Mini-RP Empty Re: New Mini-RP

Post by Tuv on Sat May 16, 2009 2:06 am

Name: Dorian Lelouch

Physical Appearance: An awe-inspiringly handsome man, with golden blonde hair, and piercing blue eyes, Dorian is the pinnacle of masculine beauty. Everyone seems to want to believe him, and follow him, which suits him just fine. Behind the beauty, and Bishie sparkles, Dorian is surprisingly inept. His generaly ineptitude would be a severe problem, but luckily, he usually can convince someone else to do things for him, or just get out of it altogether. When all else fails, a touch of luck give that extra push he needs.


Handsome: +1 Charisma
Half-Leprechaun: +1 Luck
Natural Tone: +10 speech

Dislikes Boom: -10 Heavy Weapon
Difficult Brain: -10 Cybernetics

Items: Default civilian clothes, house key, 100 creds, plastic watch, and an iAll.

+10 Speech
+10 Barter
+10 Leadership

+6 Charisma
+1 Luck
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New Mini-RP Empty Re: New Mini-RP

Post by Doomcowgod on Sat May 16, 2009 10:11 am

Does he have the Bishie sparkles in his inventory, or are they just sensory illusions?

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New Mini-RP Empty Re: New Mini-RP

Post by Tuv on Sat May 16, 2009 7:01 pm

It is a sensory illusion, brought on by overload in the viewer's brain. Any person who sees any kind of beauty in him, gets hit with an overload of attraction. The sparkles are Neurons dying.
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New Mini-RP Empty Re: New Mini-RP

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