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Post by CromTheConqueror on Sat May 16, 2009 2:12 pm

Name: Dorian Lelouch

Physical Appearance: An awe-inspiringly handsome man, with golden blonde hair, and piercing blue eyes, Dorian is the pinnacle of masculine beauty. Everyone seems to want to believe him, and follow him, which suits him just fine. Behind the beauty, and Bishie sparkles, Dorian is surprisingly inept. His generaly ineptitude would be a severe problem, but luckily, he usually can convince someone else to do things for him, or just get out of it altogether. When all else fails, a touch of luck give that extra push he needs.

Handsome: +1 Charisma
Half-Leprechaun: +1 Luck
Natural Tone: +10 speech
Dislikes Boom: -10 Heavy Weapon
Difficult Brain: -10 Cybernetics

Items: Default civilian clothes, house key, 100 creds, plastic watch, and an iAll.

+10 Speech
+10 Barter
+10 Leadership

+6 Charisma
+1 Luck
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