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Post by Tuv on Fri May 22, 2009 9:17 am

Star Date: …

No, what am I doing, writing the script for a cheesy holoreel
show? Bah, this diary is such a hassle, but the station’s doctor thought it
would be a good idea to relieve some stress. Maybe I can calm down a bit if I
read an old entry…

13:00 Hours:

It has been more than 22,000 years since the collapse of the
New Eden wormhole. No one knows for sure if New Eden ever existed, it has faded
into myth, but I have seen where it supposedly was. Such a beautiful little
star, just like all the others, but a star that was supposedly once a wormhole
to an entirely different universe… How quaint that I am following the same path
as those brave souls from thousands of years ago and entering one of the
strange wormholes that have appeared only recently. In truth this isn’t the
first time I have entered them, I have seen the riches to be found in that
strange new space, and the foes there too. Writhing masses of metal millennia
old, wandering without a master and attacking all those that intrude… The

14:30 Hours:

I have entered the wormhole I found lying in dead space in
the Emogranlan system. I chose to fly my Cheetah over a more armed ship.
Cheetah… No creature like that has existed in this world for thousands of
years, just another myth handed down in memory and data only. It may not have
the guns to deal with Sleepers, but there is no other craft that can avoid them
as well as this. Another Capsuleer followed me through the pulsating spatial
maw, he was piloting a ship much more armed than I. He was looking for a fight,
I am just looking to explore. His ship’s signal has since disappeared, he has
either left, or he lost a fight to the sleepers, I hope he had a clone.

15:00 Hours:

I’ve kept up with standard scanning procedure, so much
information passes through the probes I sent, that I wonder how I have not yet
lost my sanity to the data. I have found lots of significant signals, but that
is just it, they are significant, far too large to be unguarded. I get the
feeling that I am not alone anymore, and so I have switched my cloaking field
on. Just as I did I got another wave of data, and found what I was looking for.
A faint signal, an unguarded signal.

15:30 Hours:

I have recollected my probes, and gone to the signal I
found. It is another wormhole! I am astonished to have found so many in such a
short time, but intrigued. This wormhole seems to go to another part of
uncharted wormhole space. I am feeling lucky.

15:45 Hours:

I have sent out more probes, and got only a measly two
signals back, perhaps the Sleepers themselves have abandoned this place. One of
the signals is minuscule, perfect for me, and I make a note of its location.
The other is… It just spiked by… Dear Sweet… I must have woken up the Sleepers,
this signal is huge…

16:15 Hours:

The smaller signal was another wormhole. It seems that I
have stumbled upon a chain of them. Realizing the danger of this unknown place,
I turn my cloaking field to the highest setting. Most of the extraneous systems
have shut off. I receive more scanning data, none of the signals are large
enough to pose a threat, although this place cannot be safe, I don’t feel safe
here, it is almost the same feeling as the last system I was in.

17:00 Hours:

I have hit the motherlode! On a whim I checked one of the
smaller signals I found, turns out to be a field of asteroids. At first it
seemed small, only a few individual rocks, I am so used to seeing belts of
hundreds. Then I checked the diameters, half of these rocks are larger than
Battleships and one is almost as large as a small outpost! I also detect traces
of rare minerals in the smaller rocks. Sadly I do not have the equipment with
me to mine these, and I do not want to risk losing a mining ship out here, they
are so damned expensive. I will go back the way I came, though I won’t take any
riches with me, I can share my tale with others, and drive more to risk their
lives in this damned place. “The road to a kingdom is built on a bridge of
bodies”. Lets just hope it ends up as my kingdom, heh.

I am such an arrogant bastard, I may not want to risk my own
hide, but I am happy to clean up the remains of the people I lead to their

The door to the room opens, and a somewhat disheveled
Amarrian man enters.

“Ahh, you brought my snack? Thank you servant.”

Ending my reminiscing with a tin of Longlimb Roes, ah I am
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