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Post by Orc on Sat May 09, 2009 10:02 am

-Originally posted by GrayWatch-


Stamina-The ability to take damage, and exert effort over long periods of time

Martial Skill-Proficiency with chosen weapon

Athletic- Skill at movement, heavy lifting, etc.

Charisma-Public speaking, and how other react to your presence

Wits-Ability to defend yourself in debate, and pierce others verbal defenses

Networking- Information gathering/rumor mongering.

Repair-assembly of parts w/plan, ability to jury rig working mechanisms& repair
broken ones. Must be “familiar” or have plans.

Invention-Ability to become “familiar” or create plans.

Creation-Ability to create basic parts.(Forging cog-wheels and so on)

11-30: Average Competence
31-60: Impressive Skill
61-80: Savant-like
81-100: Are you a witch?


Backing: Support from organizations. Basically the organization can lend you any
of the other backgrounds. However, all this belongs to the organization,
not to you, and your use of it is on their sufferance.(Translation: You
apply for [X] and the GM decides whether you get it, how much you get,
and for how long).

Wealth: Your personal degree of money.

Command: Command of soldiers servants, savants or other men and women.

Resources: Workshops, lumberyards, factories and other sources of production.

Spies: Spies loyal to you, or at least reporting to you.

Tech: The amount and degree of sophistication of the technology at your command.

Influence: How much weight your words and actions carry. Does everyone of any
importance hang on your words and gestures or are you ignored
as inconsequential?

Just to clarify here's a VERY rough formula for Command:
"Significant" NPC's loyal to you: rating *5
"Extras" : Rating *20.

Extras cannot be put into combat, or do any sophisticated work. Basically you
can use them as cheap labor or lifters, or use them to vote/fill out a
crowd. But no actual skills at doing anything other than being many.

Significants can be specialized to do just about anything you please. Basically
these can be used in combat, or as repairmen, or building designers, or
inventors or what have you.

You may convert extras into significants at a rate of 1 significant to 20 Extras

Technology background does NOT reflect your ability to create more tech. It reflects how much you START with.

To create more SOMEONE has to consume materials, time and somtimes money
(the amount of all 3 determined by their skills/luck)). Whether this
person is a player or an ally or someone under the players command does
not matter. The Tech Background only influences the number of devices and or/their sophistication.

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